The Unofficial Guide to TrueMove Mobile: Network Provider in Thailand.

truemove mobile simcard

Truemove are one of most popular mobile carriers in Thailand, they are known for providing cheap data, and have a range of plans available, including some aimed specifically at tourists.

Truly amazing or truly disappointing? This blog post is about my experience using a True Move SIM card in Thailand. I look at cost, customer service and coverage to see if True offer a good budget travel SIM.

truemove mobile simcard

If you are interested in other mobile network providers in Thailand, visit this page to compare all of the available visitor SIM cards.

In the arrivals hall at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport all of the main networks have stalls where they sell SIM cards. When I arrived there were queues at each one, and after a few minutes wait at the True stall an efficient customer assistant took my phone and fitted it with the new SIM. She then returned the old card conveniently sellotaped to a leaflet giving details of the package.


True offer various packages for different lengths of stay in Thailand. I decided on a three week package, which came in at around 600 THB or 17 USD. This included credit and mobile internet allowances. I decided on a True SIM as I had heard they provide the most extensive 4G coverage.  


Having now travelled widely within Thailand, I can confirm this to be the case. I visited the north of the country, including a remote mountain village, and various towns and islands in the south. I also ventured into unpopulated areas like Khao Yai and Doi Inthanon national parks. Through all of these areas the service remained. In fact the coverage only dipped momentarily on the train between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, and between the islands in the Andaman sea, but this is to be expected. Generally I found the 4G coverage to be better than alot of European countries.

I used mobile internet to make the occasional skype call, and for whatsapp and light surfing. I am sure it is capable of videos and music, though this will quickly deplete your data allowance.

Topping up

After about 18 days the 1.5 GB internet allocation ran out, so I spotted a true move coffee shop on my way to the park and popped in to top up.

This was a painless process, the attendant was helpful and suggested I top up 100 THB to cover my remaining few days in Thailand. This covered an  85 THB data package, and 15 THB credit.


The only negative aspect of the service, as it is intended for visitors, would be that at times I received confusing text messages in Thai language.

That, and the True WiFi hotspots were not as widespread as AIS super hotspots, which seemed to be everywhere!

All in all I can recommend True as a very competitive network provider with very good coverage and service, so queue up outside their stall next time you land in Thailand.

Useful Truemove USSD Codes

  • Check your balance – #123# or 9302 press 1.
  • Show your phone number – *833# or 9303.
  • Check data balance – *900# or *9000.
  • Switch promotion – 9305 press 1.

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