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top apps in japan - gurunavi
top apps in Japan - ring zero
The ‘Ring Zero’ by Logbar


Japan has a reputation for being obsessed by technology, and they certainly have an innovative approach. Where else in the world can you find a smart ring? Whilst this might not have hit the mainstream just yet… you will find these top apps in Japan on the phones of many experienced expats. They are all in English, and will help you eat, navigate, and communicate in this fantastic country.

hyperdia Hyperdia

This app is particularly useful as it works in conjunction with the JR rail pass, allowing you to check the travel times, ticket prices and transfer information. The only downside of the app is that it requires an active Internet connection to work, but it will provide all relevant information needed for travelling by Train in Japan.



top apps in japan - japan transit planner Japan Transit Planner

When you see the Tokyo Metro map for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of lines and stations. To make sense of this you might want to download Japan Transit Planner. This is the most popular navigation app in Japan, and with good reason. It lets you navigate the Japanese domestic railways, aircraft routes and metro. Just enter departure and destination stations.

top apps in japan - gurunavi Guru Navi

GuruNavi will find restauraunts in your locality based on criteria of cuisnine, price, ratings etc. it will also help you navigate to them. You can filter according to if arestaurant has english speaking menus or english speaking staff.





top apps in Japan - Line Line

Line is the standard for instant messaging in Japan – the equivalent to whatsapp, wechat and messenger. If you make friends with any Japanese people, then you can keep in touch using LINE.

top apps in japan - wif Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi

Downloading this saves the hassle of user registration and lets you connect to 150,000 hotspots across the country.


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