The Best Smart Backpacks of 2017

smart backpack in use

Will smart luggage produce the next generation of backpacks? Or is it just a passing novelty? I have examined the bestselling smart backpacks to find out.

What is Smart Luggage?

Smart luggage adds digital technology to your luggage for additional functionality. This sounds great in theory, but why can’t anyone just put a portable battery or hard drive in their regular bag?

The key to these products is the successful integration of technology with the normal features of your luggage. This can make luggage items that serve your needs in a more efficient way: Allowing you to store digital content alongside physical content, cast your own wireless network, or charge devices as you move around.

So this is not just a battery or hard drive in a bag, but technology fully integrated with the pack. Just like a Camelbak is different to a water bottle in a bag.

This technology can be a number of things. At the moment, most manufacturers are incorporating USB charging from solar panels, USB charging from battery, internal hard drives and mobile hotspots.

Sadly there is no solution yet for charging items such as laptops that rely on mains power on-the-go. Unless you were to combine a ‘beast…’’ with a backpack like the farpoint 40. Alternatively you could always try using a hand crank phone charger to keep topped up on the go.

The Best of the Bunch:

The Smart Satchel: ECEEN Solar Message Bag


ECEEN are a top manufacturer of smart backpacks, and this satchel incorporates a solar panel that is useful is great for keeping a phone or tablet charged while off camping for a weekend. The battery pack within the bag is waterproof, and has two USB outputs to charge two devices at once. If there is no sun, you can also charge the battery pack from the mains, and at 10,000mAh it is fit to charge most tablets.


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The Smart Business Backpack: Crosskase Solar

An attractive and comfortable backpack that is very well-constructed. The solar panel is not obtrusive, but blends into the fabric of the backpack, which has an aesthetic that is suited to business. At 25 litres capacity, the bag is also well-suited for use as airline hand luggage.

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The Smart Hiking Pack: ECEEN Solar Backpack


Featuring a 1.8 litre hydration pack with tube, allowing you to drink as you move, a generous 10,000 mAh waterproof power bank with 2 USB outputs, and a 10V solar panel along with a bit more space for snacks; this pack is ideal for hiking.

It is water-resistant to stop gadgets getting soaked, and well-constructed with durable materials and strong zips: Especially useful for cyclists or hikers who want to charge their GPS as they go.
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