The Best Portable Travel Speaker in the World: The Minirig

best portable travel speaker - minirig

best portable travel speaker - minirig

The Minirig is manufactured by an independent company in Bristol, UK that specialise in creating affordable, portable, quality audio.

When it comes to providing quality sound in a portable package, the Minirig is a cut above the competition. It combines exceptional sound quality with a solid build, intuitive design and a decent battery life. This makes it the perfect portable travel speaker.


The first thing that strikes you is the minimalist design. Then you wonder where all the buttons are.

The speaker has two inputs, one of which is ‘high gain’ and so more appropriate for outdoor use, and the other ‘low gain’, which gives better quality at low volume. There is no power switch, and to turn it on you simply plug it in. Remove the plug and it turns off. The light on the top indicates battery life by displaying lights in a spectrum from green to red.

This minimalist look gives it a clean almost industrial appearance, which won’t look out of place next to your smartphone.  Constructed of Anodised aluminium, it is also reassuringly hefty to hold, a far cry from the plasticky tack of most portable speakers.  

Sound Quality

The Minirig delivers a crisp, bassy, distinct sound that allows you to enjoy the detail of the music, but also allows you to turn it up to booming volumes, which makes it perfect for cracking out in the garden to annoy the neighbours, or on the beach to annoy neighbours. It is good for laptop, phone, but also as a desktop speaker replacement.

Battery Life

The other area in which the Minirig excels is battery life. It has enough stamina to keep going and going for days. I have been genuinely surprised by how little it needs charging.  

The manufacturer claims it has a  battery life of up to 60 hours, and a charge time from empty to full in six hours. This is definitely enough to last a two week holiday or probably more without topping up, and it won’t run out as the party gets started, making it perfect for camping trips etc.

Multipile Minirigs can also be linked together to create a party chain! The only possible downside being that the speaker can only provide mono audio.

If you’re looking for a way to charge your mini-rig from the road, then you might consider using a hand crank phone charger.

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