The Best Mini Bluetooth Headset: A Buyer’s Guide

Searching for the smallest Bluetooth earpiece money can buy? Ever smaller and faster, electronics are rapidly becoming more portable. Processing chips that were once the size of a bus, can now fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. This exponential growth in technology has made for some interesting possibilities, including the mini Bluetooth headset.

Since the iPhone 7 removed the headphone jack, these wireless headsets have been in more demand. But are these devices the perfect way to avoid looking like a cyborg as you make hands free calls, or does their minute form come at the cost of good product design?

We’ve curated a list of the 6 best mini Bluetooth headsets, at different price points, and assessed them according to their call quality, noise cancellation, battery life, comfort, and design.

Why a Mini Bluetooth Headset?

Despite the ongoing evolution of smartphones, it is still not effortless to hold them against our head for hours at a time, or battle with distractions when using them hands-free. Bluetooth headsets solve that problem, but often at the cost of style.

Bluetooth earpieces have never exactly been fashionable, usually contributing to the slightly crazy appearance one naturally has as they walk down the street chatting animatedly to thin air.

To combat the manic cyborg look, some manufacturers have built almost invisible Bluetooth headsets. So small that they sneak right into the little cave of your ear and yet still include a mic and receiver. Giving you more a secret agent aura, and less of the star wars trooper look.


Bluetooth headsets perform a simple function – enabling you to making phone calls without the burden of holding a smartphone to your skull.  However, these little devices often incorporate a diverse range of features. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Call Quality

Truly tiny… or truly tinny? For such small form factor devices, you might expect call quality would take a hit. And indeed, some mini headsets are yet to catch up with the audio standards set up by their bigger brothers.

The smallest mini Bluetooth headsets have limited space to hold all the components required for a clear conversation, and no one wants to listen to a thin, computerized, rendition of their conversation partner. If call quality is the most important consideration for you, have a look at the Jabra Stealth.  Crystal clear audio, effective speech recognition, and a stable Bluetooth connection all help to ensure satisfactory conversation.

2. Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is built into headsets by including multiple microphones. One of which detects ambient noise. The headset can then cancel out this ambient noise using adaptive digital signal processing algorithms. How well a headset does this affects how well you can be heard when you are on a busy road, or at a noisy nightclub, or wherever else you like to spend your time. It also means you can get away with doing tasks like washing the car, or doing the dishes as you chat away.

3. Battery Life

Anything less than 3-4 hours of battery life will mean that the device is dying on you between important conversations, or worse, during them. Bigger headsets mean bigger batteries, and too often the price of portability is poor battery life. Mini Bluetooth headsets have had to innovate in order to be able to include larger capacity batteries, packing multiple components into a tiny space. Some headsets, like the Motorola Hint and Rowkin Mini get around this issue by incorporating a charging facility into the case, helping the earbud itself to remain topped up when not in use.

4. Comfort

The main factor behind a headsets success depends on how it fits and feels, which varies from person to person and ear to ear. Since the smallest bluetooth headsets are intimately acquainted with your ear, then they need to fit comfortably. They should have smooth edges, and a snug fit. The best headsets, like the Jabra Stealth  supply several different sizes of eartips.

5. Range

This might not be a concern for most people who will keep their phone to hand. But if you move around alot, or use the headset at home or in the car, then it can be useful to have a long range. Most headsets offer about 30 feet of range before the connection becomes unstable. 

6. Price

We selected the tiniest of mini Bluetooth headsets at a range of price points. These have been compared in terms of value for money. The cheapest option being G10 by GoNovate.


mini Bluetooth headsets are teenie weenie tiny little devices that fit entirely inside your ear. We have looked only at the smallest headsets available, to try and find an almost invisible Bluetooth earpiece. Still, there is a range of different sizes even at this small scale.

Best Mini Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets are one of the most convenient ways to communicate while on the go. You can talk on the phone or listen to audio while freeing up your hands for additional tasks. As technology advances, Bluetooth headsets continue to get smaller and more portable. There are now tons of options flooding the market, and each manufacturer claims to have the best product. Here are the top 10 best mini Bluetooth headsets that don’t sacrifice quality for portability.

FocusPower F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

This set of earbuds is an excellent way to start the list. It is very easy to use thanks to the single-button controls. It features a magnetic charger and maintains a strong wireless connection when paired to any device.

These bubble back earbuds fit comfortably in each ear. If the default size doesn’t fit your ears, there are additional tips that come with the unit. Each bud stays in place quite well during strenuous activities or exercise. You can pair them with two Bluetooth compatible devices at once. Then, you can switch between them with the press of a button.

As for performance, these buds use Bluetooth 4.1 technology. This allows for crystal clear audio up to 33 feet away from the source device. Phone calls maintain high quality even in windy situations. When listening to music, you must adjust the volume with the device itself.

The Verdict

Overall, FocusPower F10 is one of the best wireless handsets currently available.

Gonovate G8 Bluetooth Earbud

This bubble back earbud set has quite a bit going for it. It comes with two different charging cables that make it easier to stay in operation at both your home and office. The battery life is 6 hours so it is easy to stay charged up throughout the day.

The surface features one button and an LED light. The light doesn’t flash throughout the day like many comparable electronic devices. This helps you keep a low profile during work hours. The button lets you take calls and pair with other Bluetooth devices.

The Verdict

The audio playback is great for phone calls and voice navigation. However, it sounds a bit off when listening to music. This makes the set great for employees and business owners. If you want to listen to music on the go, you can do much better than the Gonovate G8.

SimenMax Bluetooth Headset Headphone

This is one of the most compact Bluetooth headsets currently available. Despite the small size, these buds are extremely durable as well. This makes them great for people who love to exercise.

The black surface has one button for taking calls and device pairing. There is no LED light to indicate the strength of the battery. Still, each charge gives you six hours of audio playback. This is plenty for most people to get through the day without needing a recharge.

The Verdict

The sound quality is excellent for both calls and music. People on each line sound like they are right there in the room with you. This headset is perfect for most situations that life throws at you.

Nenrent S570 Bluetooth Earbud

This is easily the smallest Bluetooth earbud on the market. It fits perfectly into small and average-sized ears. If you have larger ears, you can order separate tips that will prevent these earbuds from falling out so easily.

There is a button that protrudes from the surface. This allows you to easily take calls without looking at the headset. The battery lasts for six hours, and the USB charger refills the juice very quickly.

The Verdict

This set has a wireless range of 33 feet. It provides great audio quality for both calls and music. This is an overall excellent choice for people with very small ears.

Anglink Bluetooth Headset

Although this is technically a mini headset, it is the biggest device on this list. People with wide ear canals are sure to enjoy this set. It also comes with smaller tips for people with narrow ears.

The headset has three hours of battery life. It takes one and a half hours to fully charge it using the included USB cable. The sound quality for both calls and media playback is competent.

The Verdict

The mic is exceptional for picking up your voice during important calls. This set works wonders for people looking for something a bit bigger than your average mini headset.

Best Mini Bluetooth Headsets

FocusPower F10

The FocusPower F10 delivers the best combination of price and quality that I have found. It does everything that you would expect, and does it with style. Included in the package are a nifty little magnetic charger, and a carrying case. The headset delivers sound call quality, small form factor, and with 5 hours battery life is still enough to last most people through a day.


Comes with a few different sized eartip adapters
Decent call quality
Amazing price


So small that you might lose it, so maybe put some brightly coloured tape on it!
No ambient noise reduction

  • Call Quality: 8
  • Noise cancellation: 4
  • Battery life: 8
  • Comfort: 9.5
  • Range: 7
  • Value: 9.5
    • Size: 10

The Verdict

In this price range you might think you need to compromise, but Focuspower deliver a good quality product at a very low price.

The Jabra Stealth

This is a mid-end Bluetooth headset and is quite a bit bigger than some of the alternatives. However, it more than makes up for this in features and functionality. It comes with numerous rubber earpieces to make sure you find a good fit, including different styles like a hook earpiece, which makes for a very comfortable headset.

One good function is noise-canceling.  This means people cannot hear what you are doing when you are talking to them. Feel free to wash dishes and have a conversation.

The manufacturer claims that the battery will deliver up to 6 hours talk time, with standby times of up to ten days.


Good noise cancellation
Clear call quality
Easy to setup
Multiple rubber eartips and fitting options


Style – looks like a kids toy
A little on the pricy side

  • Call Quality: 8
  • Noise cancellation: 9
  • Battery life: 8
  • Comfort: 8
  • Range: 8
  • Value: 6
  • Size: 5

The Verdict

Comfortable, with good quality design and good noise-canceling features. Possibly a bit big for some!

The Motorola Hint

This stylish little device works best with Motorola phones and other Android devices, but does work with iPhone. The earbud is very user-friendly and provides voice updates on its status. The earbud will tell you when it is switched on within your ear, how many hours of talk time you have (either over three hours or under) plus when you are connected to your device.  There is no on/off switch, as sensors automatically do that by detecting when it is in your ear.

Audio quality is clear, but there is not much functionality in terms of ambient noise reduction, so making conversation in a crowd might be less than ideal. The device is constructed of quality, tactile materials, and has a premium feel. A full charge will allow for 3-5 hours of use, and the carry case will charge it for a further 10.


Small form factor
Neat charging case


Not great ambient noise reduction
Best integration with Motorola phones

  • Call Quality: 6.5
  • Noise cancellation: 6.5
  • Battery life: 8
  • Comfort: 8
  • Range: 8
  • Value: 7
  • Size: 9

The Verdict

On the higher end of the price spectrum, but well worth it for the quality design.

The Rowkin Bit

The Rowkin wireless earbud resembles a little silver bullet, with a clean, contemporary appearance and innovative design. It comes with a little lipstick-sized case that keeps it topped up with electricity when you are not using it, which can then be recharged separately via USB. Fully charged, the battery gives up to 3 hours of use. Not an amazing amount but the ability to charge from the case helps make up for this.

The earbuds can connect to two different devices, and deliver a decent enough sound quality. Bass is lacking at low volumes, and it is hardly an audiophile experience. But still reasonable enough for clear conversation and a little music. As far as comfort goes, the device includes different sizes of silicone tips to ensure a snug fit in the ear.


Neat little charging case
Sleek design
Great customer service reputation


minor connectivity issues
Low range

  • Call Quality: 8
  • Noise cancellation: 6.5
  • Battery life: 5
  • Comfort: 7
  • Range: 5
  • Value: 8
  • Size: 9

The Verdict

A good affordable option, at a low price point, but I would recommend getting two earbuds if you plan on listening to music through them

GoNovate G10

The GoNovate comes in at the lower end, and is one of the cheapest mini Bluetooth headsets on the market. It claims to offer 5.5 -6.5 hours of usage from a 60mAh battery, and the sound quality is pretty good for such a tiny mono earbud. The device has a single button that controls play/pause/on/off.

Giving such great quality at this low price point makes this device a bargain! In fact, Gonovate has a whole range of similarly priced devices with a range of different features. Check out the G8, G9, G11, and the Nano if you want a really really tiny earbud!


So tiny, like a little jellybean
Nice and clear audio
Fast recharge time


Earbud cushions come only in one size
Realistic battery life of only around 4 hours

  • Call Quality: 6.5
  • Noise cancellation: 5
  • Battery life: 6
  • Comfort: 6.5
  • Range: 5
  • Value: 9
  • Size: 8

The Verdict

Although lacking in more sophisticated features like noise cancellation, this is the best option for those on a very limited budget.

Usage Tips

Most of the headsets connect in a similar way:

  • Power on headset and phone
  • Make sure both headset and phone are charged. Usually an LED will indicate the charge level.
  • Activate pairing mode: the smallest of Bluetooth headsets tend to have only one button, so it is usually a matter of pressing and holding it.
  • Make sure the headset and smartphone are within a reasonable distance, the closer the better.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your device settings, and activate pairing mode by selecting scan for devices.
  • Locate Bluetooth headset on device list and select to connect.
  • A passcode might be asked for, which should be found in device manual.

Maintaining Your Mini Bluetooth Headset

  • When not in use keep the headset in storage case. Damage often occurs when headsets are left out, or become entangled. It is easy to lose them.
  • Use the right size of silicone tip to ensure that the earbuds are fixed properly within your ears and don’t fall out when you move your heard.


  • Remove silicone eartip and clean surface with rubbing alcohol.
  • Make sure no wax is encrusted on the grill of the speaker.

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