Are these the Best Budget Travel Headphones? Soundmagic E10 Headphones Review

soundmagic e10 headphones review

This is a Soundmagic E10 headphones review. I got my E10s after having several pairs of the soundmagic ES18, as they offered decent sound quality at a very good price. The problem was they couldn’t stand up to the daily grind. I use earphones all the time. On the bike, in the gym, in the office, and when not in use they are normally just stuffed into a coat pocket to wrap themselves in an impenetrable knot ready for next time.

The one year warranty I received from the shop meant that each time they broke, as they did without fail within a year, then I could go back and claim a replacement pair. (Normally a loose connection developed in either the left or right earphone).

That was until the last time I tried it and they were out of stock, so the shopkeeper kindly offered me a discounted upgrade to the E10s, which have since proven to be far more durable and more suited to rough treatment. In fact I think these are a great headphone for heavy use. and so are ideal for travel, even coming with their own travel case.

The Cable is twined which helps it feels robust, and also helps prevent tangling, and the aluminium casing of the earphones feels reassuringly solid and well-made.

Not only that but the sound quality is very highly rated. Soundmagic are renowned for providing audiophilic sound quality at a budget price, and the E10s don’t disappoint; packing a deep bass and detailed treble that reveals clearly all the intricacies of the music.

Soundmagic E10 Headphones

Along with being durable and high quality, I also think the design is quite well-considered. The understated black and silver blends well with most outfits, and the straight plug is less prone to wear and tear than the curved variety, making your phone or iPod slip easier into your pocket when plugged in.

For those who have difficulty finding a comfortable pair of earphones, it is provided with a range of sizes of silicone earbuds to fit your own ear hole.

All in all an exceptional quality product for the price that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone and particularly frequent travelers.

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