Saving Money On Tech: Refurbees Review

refurbees review

Rerurbees is a unique online marketplace for buying computer hardware and accessories. The key difference between Refurbees and most other sites is the emphasis on refurbished products. Each item for sale has been professionally refurbished and tested to ensure quality. Read our Refurbees review to find out if Refurbees is a reliable way to purchase PC hardware on a budget.

The advantage of refurbished products

Before diving into the website properly, it is important to take a look at why refurbished products have become so popular. Like all used gear, you can buy it for much cheaper than a brand new device. However, there is a good reason why refurbished gear costs slightly more than traditional used gear. Most used hardware remains untested before being resold. This can lead to tons of issues such as broken components or virus-ridden hard drives.

A refurbishment company buys hardware in bulk from large companies who routinely upgrade their tech. Bulk purchases allow brands like Refurbees to get each unit for much cheaper than normal. This allows them to cover the cost of restoring each unit with clean software and components before reselling it to customers like you.

Is it safe to purchase refurbished goods?

It is natural to be leery of refurbished products at first. It is a relatively new concept so there are several unknowns at play. The good news is that the refurbishment industry has come along way over the past decade. Top companies like Refurbees now have years of positive track record under their belt. When in doubt, always check how long a reseller has been in business before making a purchase.

As for refurbished products themselves, you can rest assured each device is thoroughly cleaned and tested before being shipped to your home. Computers also receive fresh installs of the latest operating system to ensure you won’t introduce a virus onto your network. On the off chance your device arrives busted, you can simply return or cancel your order. Refurbees customer support is quick to respond via email in regards to any complaints.

What can you buy from Refurbees?

The product selection on Refurbees can be broken down into multiple sections. Here is a brief rundown of each so you have an idea of what you can purchase at the time of writing. Keep in mind that product selection is bound to expand and change as time goes on.


You can purchase a variety of pre-built desktop towers from this collection. Each one has Windows 10 installed and is ready for use with modern software. The specs vary wildly depending on the manufacturer, so it is best to compare models to determine the best value. That being said, each desktop sells for way less than the sticker price of units with comparable specs.


Refurbees also offers a host of laptops to choose from. Much like the desktops, these all have the latest OS installed. This helps prevent the slowdown that often plagues older laptops. The fresh boot means these laptops work as efficiently as when brand new.


If you are looking for a cheap replacement or spare monitor then this section will delight you. There are dozens of monitors that have been cleaned and tested to ensure each port still works. You can pay well under retail for them as well.

PC Accessories and Custom PC Parts

In addition to monitors, you can pick up many small accessories for a bargain. You can get mice, keyboards, and a wide variety of adapters to boot. If you prefer building your own rig, there is a good selection of custom parts too. Whether you need more RAM, a larger hard drive, or a cooling fan, you can upgrade for far less money than you were expecting.

The benefits of shopping at Refurbees

Now that we know about the product selection, let’s take a look at some of the perks of shopping at Refurbees. The first thing most will notice is the free international shipping. This is great as you know exactly how much you will be spending when picking out your items. Despite being free, the shipping times are pretty fast. It is common to receive your gear a few days earlier than the promised date.

The next advantage is the 30-day money back guarantee on every order. You can shop with confidence knowing that you aren’t just throwing your cash away. The customer support team is quite responsive and friendly. Simply send them an email if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order.

Website layout

The website may lack some of the bells and whistles of a large online retailer, but the layout is still easy enough to navigate. The front page shows trending products and any ongoing promotions being run. You can search by device type or brand if you want to browse a larger selection. If you are looking for something specific, then there is a search bar you can manually type into. The result is a website where everything you need is just a few clicks away.

Coupon codes

While the prices on Refurbees are already a steal most of the time, there is a way to save even more money on PC hardware. The front page regularly displays new coupon codes at the top of the screen. Each code can be entered at checkout should your cart contain the relevant items. For instance, there is a code for $50 off Dell Latitude Laptops at the time of writing. Upon placing one of these laptops into your cart, you will be able to copy and paste the code for a solid discount.

Current offers

Dell Latitude D620 Dual Core 80GB HDD 2GB RAM Win 10 64 Bit with FREE Shipping List Price: $699 Sale Price: $149
HP 17″ 1740 LCD Monitor List Price: $259 Sale Price: $104.97
Dell 19″ 1905FP LCD Monitor List Price: $359 Sale Price: $54.99
HP 6305 SFF AMD 3.4GHz 500GB 8GB DVD with FREE Shipping List Price: $899 Sale Price: $199
DHP EliteBook 8440p Win 10 Home 64 Bit Core i5 2.4GHz 160GB with FREE Shipping List Price: $2577 Sale Price: $209

What others are saying

When shopping on any website for the first time, it is wise to look at reviews to gauge the reputation of a retailer. Refurbees has plenty of glowing reviews and enthused customers throughout the web. This is a good sign as it shows a proven track record of positive customer feedback.

Refurbees review: The final verdict

Overall, Refurbees is a great place to shop for PC hardware on a budget. You can get solid deals on some older gear that is still guaranteed to work. Purchasing a refurbished piece of tech is much safer than buying used gear from a peer to peer platform like eBay. Not only do you have a 30-day return window to rely on, but you also have the guarantee of a fresh boot of the operating system. The next time you need something for your PC, check out Refurbees before paying an arm and a leg.

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