Top Twenty Phone Travel Accessories

best portable batteries- ravpower

1. The ChatSIM for Unlimited Global Instant Messaging

Phone Travel Accesories - ChatSIM

For 30 USD, or 15 GBP a year, you can send unlimited instant messages from anywhere in the world. Whatsapp, Messenger, QQ International, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, BBM, Hike and Kakao are all supported. Along with instant messaging, you can send photos, vids, etc for an additional fee.


2. The Case That allows you to use two SIM Cards

phone travel accessories

If you are buying a local SIM card, you can keep access to your old one by using this case, which allows you to switch between two SIM Cards. The case accepts regular or nano SIM cards.


3. The Clip-on Lens for iPhone Photography

phone travel accesories - clip on lens

Ditch your bulky camera and capture your journeys in HD with this portable professional phone camera lens. Includes a wide-angle lens for exotic landscapes, A fisheye lens, and macro for detailed close-ups.


4. These Dinky USB Cables

phone travel accessories - usb

Forget the hassle of tangles, these dinky USB cables fit neatly into a backpack and are perfect for charging on the go. 


5. This Lipstick-sized Portable Charger

best portable batteries- ravpower

This very small charger for any USB powered device fits into a pocket. Stow it in the bottom of your rucksack and retrieve in emergency critical battery situations. Read full review.


6. The USB World Travel Adapter

A travel adaptor that isn’t flimsy and cheap! Includes two USB slots to charge multiple devices at the same time.


7. This Pay-as-you-go Global Hotspot

Pay 125USD for the unit, and then 10USD a day for coverage in most parts of the world you are likely to visit – and no contract.


8. This Portable Speaker

phone travel accessories - minirig

Minirig speakers are made by an independent company in Bristol, UK, and have a fantastic reputation for high-quality sound and portability.


9. This Waterproof Phone Case

phone travel accessories

Perfect for splashing about at the beach, or taking underwater photographs in the pool. As it floats, even if you drop your phone you won’t lose it.


10. Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

bluetooth wireless keyboard

Compact, well made keyboard ideal for when away from home without laptop and need to type extensively while accessing the Internet, e-mails, etc.


11. This HDTV Smart Adapter

Lets you show on the HD-equipped TV what is on your phone. Great for watching movies etc on the go.


12. Pocket-Sized Selfie Drone

Durable enough to withstand the inevitable few crashes as you learn how to control it, and complete with a camera to take some interesting selfies.


13.Solar Charger

Ideal for outdoor adventures. Shockproof and waterproof, allowing you to hang it on the back of your backpack to charge your devices whilst camping or hiking.


14. Mini iPhone Fan

A novel idea that works really well. Lightweight, flexible and robust enough to keep in your pocket and retrieve at will to cool off.


15. This Wireless Snap Remote

Good for taking your phone videos to the next level, or for those with shaky hands, allowing you to start and stop videos and take photos remotely.


16.This Pocket-sized Router

A very small and lightweight travel router allowing you to Instantly convert a wired network to wireless with easy setup, stream media between wireless devices, and share a connection limited to one device beween many.


17. These Quality Headphones

Soundmagic E10 Headphones

Compact and well-made, with quality sound and packaged in a little case. These headphones are well-suited to travel. 


18. Smartphone Projector


When you return home, share your photos via a slide show with this handy projector.


20. Dual USB Car Charger

Anker USB Charger

If you think you might end up renting a car, it could be useful to have this tiny gadget stowed away. Charge your phone and your passengers at the same time.

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