One SIM Card Review

Searching for an One SIM card review? Created in 2007, OneSIM Card is a division of Massachusetts-based Belmont Telecom offering travelers various international SIM card options. As the name suggests, OneSIMCard is supposed to be the only SIM card you’ll ever need for convenient global travel. Indeed, according to the company, a OneSIMCard could cut international roaming charges by 85 percent.

So, does this product live up to its lofty claims? And, if so, what One SIM Card is right for you? Check out our One SIM Card review to learn exactly what this company has to offer. 

A Closer Look At OneSIMCard’s Three Main Options

Currently, OneSIMCard has three major SIM cards to choose from:

  • Universal SIM
  • Expedition
  • Europe & More

All three of these cards offer voice and SMS texting in over 200 countries as well as free incoming SMS texts. Not all of these cards, however, offer free incoming calls in the same nations. Universal SIM has free incoming calls in roughly 130 countries, while Expedition offers 110 and Europe & More offers 70.

Another key distinction between these cards has to do with Direct Dial versus Callback. Only the Universal SIM offers Direct Dial (in about 70 countries) as well as Callback. Those who opt for the Expedition card can only use Callback, whereas Europe & More cardholders must use Direct Dial in select nations.


While the data rate per MB—listed from $0.01—is the same for all three cards, they differ in the starting fee for calls from Western Europe back to the USA. The Universal SIM and Expedition have rates from $0.29 per minute while the Europe & More card offers costs from $0.25 per minute.

The only other major distinction between these cards is the Universal SIM offers customers special discount voice packages. To see all of the discount voice packages available, you can view a comprehensive list on OneSIMCard’s FAQ page.

By the way, prices on the OneSIMCard website are set at $30 for Universal SIM, $35 for Expedition, and $20 for Europe & More. 

Similarities On OneSIMCard Products

The following is a list of common features you’ll find on all of OneSIMCard’s major SIM cards:

  • Compatible with any unlocked GSM phone 
  • 24/7 technical support
  • No connection fees
  • Two numbers included from Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, or USA
  • Ability to add numbers in 60 countries
  • $10 credit for voice, talk, and data included
  • Voicemail
  • Access to additional OneSIMCard apps

Pros & Cons Of Using OneSIMCard


  • The main feature that attracts most people to OneSIMCard is free incoming calls to the card’s EU number. It’s also nice to know each OneSIMCard offers free incoming SMS messages in over 200 countries.
  • Since all OneSIMCards are available in three sizes, there should also be no issues putting this card into your smartphone. As long as you have an unlocked GSM cell phone, you shouldn’t experience any problems getting your OneSIMCard setup.
  • As an added bonus, OneSIMCard offers competitive global shipping at approximately $5 per order. Depending on how much you spend on OneSIMCard’s site, you might even enjoy free shipping.


  • Keep in mind 4G service is only available on the Universal SIM card in about 50 countries. Definitely browse OneSIMCard’s official list of 4G-enabled countries if you rely on this service. All other countries on OneSIMCard’s products will only work on 3G or 2G.
  • Some customers have complained that OneSIMCard’s Tech Support is not very responsive. Those purchasing OneSIMCard outside of America might experience additional difficulty getting in touch with its US headquarters.

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