Micca Speakers Review

There are plenty of reasons why we need music in our lives. It’s able to improve our mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and give us a proper boost while doing exercises – good enough reasons to install a sound system in our home. 

However, what to do when you’re on a limited budget? Is there an affordable sound system solution that can provide a crisp and clear sound? Hold your breath! Turns out quality can be affordable!

Micca speakers are known to provide very affordable pricing that comes with exceptional sound quality. To help you decide which Micca speakers to buy, and get the best value for money, we decided to take their MB42X as an example, do a brief overview of their features, and compare them to other models to give you a clearer picture.

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speaker: The Overview

Micca MB42X speakers come with a wide variety of features that make them an excellent investment. Here, we’re going to provide you with an in-depth overview of those features, helping you decide wheter these speakers fit your needs.

  • Carbon Fiber Woofer. These speakers come with a 4-inch balanced woven carbon fiber woofer and a 75-inch silk dome tweeter, ensuring clear and amplified sound.
  • Crossover. The original MB42 models originally didn’t have a crossover, which was the customer’s biggest remark. However, the MB42X model comes with an optimized 18dB/Octave unit, which provides a significant boost in performance.
  • Silk Dome Tweeter. The MB42’s silk dome tweeter enabled them to deliver a smooth and balanced treble and bass, ensuring first-rate sound quality and providing a good value for money.
  • Ported enclosure. The ported enclosure in these speakers provides an extended bass response with very low distortion resulting in crystal clear sounds.

Micca MB42X: Design

Micca MB42X resembles its predecessor, the Micca MB42s, with their simple, yet the classy-looking design that blends into any room or décor. This comes from the cabinet’s rounded up edges and ebony laminated wood grain design. However, maybe the most significant aesthetic benefit is their size. They are just 9.5 inches high, 5.8 wide, and 6.5 deep, which gives them a more compact and elegant feel.

Behind the black cloth grille, we can find a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter and a 4-inch woven carbon fiber woofer, while behind, they have sturdy binding posts that provide a more secure connection than the spring-clips found on most budget-priced speakers.

On the flip side, these speakers don’t have built-in wireless technology, nor they have any kind of integrated amplification, meaning you’ll have to buy a separate amplifier or AV receiver to power these speakers along with a separate audio source.

Micca MB42X: Sound quality

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a sound system for your home is sound quality. The quality of sound varies on several factors, and it can be subjective since every person has a different taste. That said, before you make a purchase, make sure to test the sound of the speakers to get a good feel of them.

When it comes to Micca MB42X’s sound, we can say one thing: they sound different than they look. If we just close our eyes while listening to the beats they project, we can easily confuse them for a bigger set, which is pretty impressive.

With Micca MB42X, you’ll get an evenly dispersed sound with bright and punchy highs. When it comes to bass, we cannot say it’s exceptional, but that’s quite understandable considering their small size. 

However, in the mid-area, these speakers get their five minutes of fame. Dare to use them on a home theater system, and you’ll be blown away by the quality of sound.

Considering all of the above, Micca MB42X speakers will fit anyone looking for speakers covering the full spectrum of sound. 

Micca MB42: How it compares to other models?

We already established that Micca MB42 speakers are one of the best “on budget” sound system solutions, providing a great value for money ratio. We saw, as well, that they come with some upgrades compared to other models of the same brand. Here, we’re going to provide with more detailed comparison, in case you were struggling to decide between two models.

  • Micca MB42X vs. MB42

If we were about to compare the Micca MB42 with the Micca MB42X model, we would have to say that the latter ones represent a great upgrade. The Micca MB42 hosts the proper frequencies to the woofer and the tweeter, providing an excellent sound across the entire range. Their sensitivity remains on a lower variance, and highs and lows don’t jump out, making the overall sound seem unbalanced. 

  • Micca MB42X vs. PB42X

Even though Micca MB42X provides a great value for money and is able to satisfy the needs of an average user, the Micca PB42X can be very tempting since they are MB42X’s upgrade. They come with built-in amplification and relieve you of the pain of finding a separate amplifier or a receiver. 

  • Micca MB42X vs. MB42X-C

The biggest difference between these two models is their size, with the latter being bigger. This means they are able to provide better sound quality and performance, making them a winner in this range of speakers.

Micca speakers: The final verdict

Most Micca speakers, including the MB42X, will give you a classy appearance that will easily fit into any environment. But most importantly, they will provide a clear sound in both the midrange and high areas without blowing a hole in your wallet. By choosing Micca speakers as your preferred home sound system brand, you’ll be able to enjoy the music the way you’re used to, without regrets and second thoughts.

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