Klipsch RP-260F Review

The Klipsch RP-260F is a single unit floor-standing speaker that holds a perfect middle ground between budget and high-end offerings. A stable build quality and impressive list of features make this audio device well worth the asking price. The following Klipsch RP-260F review breaks down why the speaker is becoming a bestseller.

Klipsch RP-260F The Overview

The RP-260F is gaining traction with customers across the entire home theater spectrum. By allowing mid-range customers to afford a unit with premium specs, Klipsch has created a seriously tantalizing product compared to a bulk of what hits the market.

Klipsch RP-260F Product Highlights

  • Hybrid Tractrix Horn 90×90
  • Brand New Tractrix Port
  • MDF Cabinet Sporting A Brushed Polymer Veneer Baffle Finish
  • Dual 6.5″ Spun Copper Cone Woofers
  • Linear Travel Suspension Titanium Tweeter

Acquiring a floor standing speaker with these specs for less than a grand is truly rare. However, this doesn’t mean that Klipsch has skimped in other areas. The price of components has decreased significantly in recent years causing the price tag to drop with it.

Klipsch RP-260F Sound Overview

The main reason to purchase any speaker is to upgrade the quality of your sound. The RP-260F easily eclipses many of the speakers that have been released in years past. If you are replacing a speaker that is several years old, you’ll notice a massive leap when tuning in to your favorite songs.

Fans of loud music will be especially excited to know about the high frequency response damping powered by the Tractrix horn. This allows you to crank up the volume without your music succumbing to distortion. This makes the RP-260F a prime choice for larger homes or even presentation rooms in public spaces. You should have no problem getting your audio where it needs to go with this power house.

Klipsch RP-260F Design Overview

This unit comes with a black finish that conveniently matches most existing living room setups. The copper woofer provides excellent contrast that provides the speaker with a premium feel. To protect the spun metal cones, there is an included cloth grille. Placing this fabric over the woofer when not in use is an excellent habit to develop. Not only will the product last longer, but your music will sound better if all the cones are still intact.

klipsch 260f breakdown

The speaker itself is a tall and skinny rectangle that fits in fairly tight spaces. You shouldn’t have to worry about making extra room for this device before bringing it home. If you want to link more than one speaker together, you can do so via Bluetooth or optical connections.

Klipsch RP-260F Durability

When purchasing a new speaker, you want to know your investment will last you for a minimum of five years. The great news is that the RP-260F warranty extends for that entire timeframe. Large companies such as Klipsch don’t offer extended warranties unless they are sure a majority of their stock will last for much longer. You can rest assured knowing your RP-260F will satisfy for many years to come. This is especially true when remaining disciplined about using the cloth grille.

Klipsch RP-260F Pros and Cons

Like any speaker, the RP-260F has both upsides and downsides to consider. Ultimately, it is these factors that will help you determine if this is the correct audio device for you.

The Pros

  • Slim design that fits just about anywhere
  • Easy to set up and use right out of the box
  • Tractrix horn ensures your loudest tracks sound perfect
  • Very reasonable price tag
  • Highly durable unit with comprehensive warranty plan

The Cons

  • Audiophiles can do even better
  • Large power light can disrupt your sleep schedule at night

What comes in the box?

  • 1 Floor standing speaker
  • A Cloth Grille for Woofer Protection
  • Instruction sheet with safety guidelines
  • Warranty information packet
  • Power supply

The Bottom Line

The final verdict for this Klipsch RP-260F Review is a definite buy recommendation. It isn’t easy to find a speaker boasting this level of technology at such an affordable price point. Although hardcore audiophiles can find something better if they keep searching, nearly all general users will absolutely love this speaker. If you just want to fill your home or office with some of your favorite tunes, then it is easy to recommend the Klipsch RP-260F floor standing speaker.            

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