Klipsch R 24F Review

klipsch r24f review

In this Klipsch R 24F review, we explore why this model has quickly become one of the best-selling speakers of 2021. There are multiple reasons for all the buzz and attention Klipsch is receiving over this outstanding unit.

Klipsch R 24F: The Overview

Although the Klipsch R 24F has a relatively high price tag, the abundance of features and booming sound make it easy to recommend to both casual listeners and audiophiles alike. The initial investment is well worth it for years of fantastic audio quality down the line.

Klipsch R 24F Product Highlights

  • Dynamic aluminum Linear Travel Suspension horn-loaded tweeter
  • Dimensions: 34.75″ H x 6.5″ W x 10″ D
  • Dual 4.5″ copper-spun, high-output IMG woofers
  • Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet

As you can see, the R-24F comes stacked with impressive technology that dramatically enhances the listening experience in small and medium-sized rooms.

Klipsch R-24F Sound Overview

As with all new speakers, listening to a playlist of some of your favorite songs is the best way to test the sound quality. You’ll be blown away by just how many genres and styles pop when the dual woofer setup is in full force. Speaking of woofers, the LTS tweeter works wonders when it comes to reducing frequency response and distortion at higher volumes.

The Klipsch R-24F is optimized for use in medium or small rooms. However, you can place one of these in your backyard and easily host a party. The audio clarity at high volumes will carry much farther than you may be expecting if you are used to older models.

As great as music can sound on the R-24F, the speaker really shines when connected to a receiver as part of a home theater setup. Both movies and video games are taken to the next level of immersion with a pair of these placed strategically throughout the room.

Klipsch R-24F Design

Klipsch opted for their signature black and copper color scheme once again. This iconic look still manages to impress just as much as when it was first introduced many years ago. As usual, the outer shell is black and the woofer is coated in copper. If you prefer a more rustic appearance, you can special order a wood finish exterior directly from Klipsch’s website.

Both styles are elegant and easily fit comfortably into most living rooms. You shouldn’t have any problems finding other home theater equipment that matches either color. The result is a sleek aesthetic that just about anyone would happily display.

Klipsch R-24F Durability

If you plan to install this speaker inside then you’ll be happy to learn that it is quite durable. Although you should avoid getting it wet, the exterior veneer coating easily protects against the elements. The copper woofer is also built to resist rust for many years.

Klipsch offers their standard 5-year warranty on the R-24F. You can call or email customer support at any time during this period to receive support or a replacement. The technicians are known to be quite friendly and fairly evaluate whether or not you get to claim a new device. However, most people won’t ever have to worry about that step. The strong polymer finish will keep this speaker working optimally for much longer than the warranty window.

Klipsch R 24F Pros and Cons

Since no product is truly perfect, it is important to objectively look at the pros and cons of the R-24F. See for yourself whether or not the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of this popular speaker.

The Pros

  • Excellent sound quality in small, medium, and large environments
  • Sleek and durable design that is built to last
  • LTS technology that mitigates distortion when listening at higher volumes
  • Reliable customer support and a lengthy five-year warranty
  • Fantastic price to performance ratio

The Cons

  • Diehard bass lovers can do better than the R-24F
  • Puts a stronger focus on surround sound than music

What comes in the box?

  • Floor standing speaker
  • User manual
  • Warranty overview sheet
  • Important safety instructions guide
  • Cloth grille cover

The Bottom Line

As this Klipsch R 24F review clearly shows, you can’t go wrong with adding this powerful speaker to your home theater setup. The compact design is both visually appealing and easy to place in just about any location. The audio quality is impressive, especially if you prefer to watch movies or play games with a full surround sound configuration. Music lovers will still enjoy the R-24F immensely but may be able to find something slightly more appealing in that niche. Still, anyone looking for a moderately priced speaker with high-end features will no doubt find incredible value in the R-24F.            

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