HP vs Dell: Brand Comparison [year]

Both HP and Dell have made household names for themselves through consistent production of excellent laptops and other computer accessories. While you can’t go wrong with either manufacturer, it is important to review how each company is doing in 2021 to see which brand is best for your specific use case. After all, you want the most bang for your buck when purchasing a brand new laptop that will accompany you through the next several years.

HP vs Dell: The Main Factors To Consider

Several key factors will determine how much enjoyment or utility you get from your new device. Each of the following considerations will help you make your ultimate decision when making the purchase.


While not the most important factor by a longshot, a laptop’s appearance will be the first thing you notice about it. The same is true for everyone else who sees you with it when out and about. HP models tend to boast sleek designs but only offer a small range of colors. On the other hand, Dell laptops have a less premium look while offering a much wider range of colors to choose from. Home office users can safely go with either brand. If you tend to travel a lot for business, you may want to opt for HP’s more elegant style.

Price Range

As the appearance category would suggest, HP laptops tend to be more expensive than the average offering from Dell. The sleek look and increased performance are usually the reason for the inflated prices. If you are beholden to a strict budget, then Dell will serve you well in this category. Dell forgoes the visual bells and whistles to keep costs down. While the specs often take a hit as well, casual users who just want to browse the internet and check emails won’t mind one bit.

Performance and Specs

HP continues the premium trend by beating out Dell in the performance category. The reason HP can charge more for most of their devices is the heightened performance. Gamers, video editors, and software engineers will all appreciate the added power when running intensive programs. Dell stays within their budget lane to offer perfectly fine laptops for casual use but would collapse under the weight of modern AAA video games.

Bonus Features

Added functionality such as LED keyboards or additional USB slots can sweeten the deal when choosing which laptop to buy. HP often includes many additional features to justify the higher price point. Depending on what you are looking for, these added features can make your life much easier. For instance, a keyboard that lights up in the dark makes it easier to work at night without straining your eyes. If you don’t need any extras, Dell laptops provide everything you need for a solid baseline experience.

Variety of Options

When it comes to the variety of models available, Dell wins easily. Dell focuses on delivering to many different demographics simultaneously. HP focuses on the high-end market with very curated lineups. The result is a much wider range of options from Dell. This can also lead to even better prices from Dell as competing sales lower the cost of each model after it has been out for several months.


Unless you only play retro or indie titles, gamers should always go with HP over Dell. The beefy performance of HP models gives them a clear advantage when attempting to run anything modern.

Where are the laptops made?

The origin of production has become a hot button topic as of late. If you prefer to purchase products made in the US, then you’ll be pleased to know that almost all of HP’s best selling laptops come from the states. However, they still have additional factories in places like Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines to name a few. As for Dell, only their Alienware line falls within US borders. The mains sources of Dell laptops include China, India, and Malaysia.

Customer Service and Support

Since you will most likely have your new laptop for several years, you want to know you’re in the hands of a reputable company should you require technical support. The good news is that both brands have built up a solid track record over the years. They both offer one-year warranties for hardware failures. HP also gives a free 90 days of phone support to ask any questions that may arise while learning your new computer. However, the caveat is that these phone lines are often filled to the brim. Expect to be on hold for a while waiting for your turn. Dell offers more expedient service overall due to the lack of any special promotions drawing attention to their phone lines.

The Best Laptops Overview

Between HP and Dell, there are many great machines available to buy right now. The following section will list the best models currently on the market from each manufacturer.

The Best HP Laptops

The following offerings from HP have become best sellers for a variety of reasons. Read on to learn more about why they have made such an impact on the market.

HP Envy 17t Touch

This mammoth laptop is one of the strongest portable PCs currently on the market. It sports a 10th Gen Intel i7-10510U CPU that provides lightning-quick access to everything on your machine, even with a bunch of internet tabs and programs open at once. The NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics card and 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM will have most modern games running at high visual settings. The screen is fully touch control enabled and clocks in at 17.3 inches. Gamers and video editors will love the smooth performance and impressive visual clarity that is guaranteed by this device.

The Pros

  • Powerful CPU and GPU combo for smooth performance
  • Beautiful and intuitive touch screen
  • 512 GB of internal memory and 16 GB of extra DDR4 RAM

The Cons

  • Hefty price point to match the specs

HP Pavilion x360

The x360 is a convenient 2-in-1 foldable laptop and tablet hybrid. The sleek design and more affordable price point make this another great selection from HP. It is powered by an Intel i5 and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. The internal solid-state drive holds up to 512 GB of data and transfers files way quicker than standard mechanical hard drives. The screen is 14 inches and offers full touch control in both laptop and tablet modes. If you want a highly portable device that does it all, then this is an excellent choice.

The Pros

  • Fantastic price to performance ratio
  • Hybrid design that is highly versatile in all situations
  • Impressive battery that can last up to nine hours on a single charge

The Cons

  • Intensive programs like Photoshop will experience periodic lag

The Best Dell Laptops

These Dell models are some of the most popular for good reason. They offer solid performance while maintaining a price point that budget users can seriously consider.

Dell XPS 13 7390

The XPS line is easily Dell’s most powerful lineup of machines. It has a whopping 1 TB of solid-state memory. This is perfect for anyone who wants games to load faster or needs to transfer large files regularly. The 16GB of RAM keeps the system running smoothly during heavy usage. The screen is 13.3 inches and features a 4K Infinity Edge display in addition to touch functionality. There is even an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare when viewing the laptop in bright areas. Anyone who must travel for work will appreciate this reliable machine.

The Pros

  • Very large SSD in comparison to many other Dell laptops
  • Beautiful display that remains clear from different viewing angles
  • CinemaSound technology that provides booming speakers out of the box

The Cons

  • The cooling fan is audible even while running basic software

Dell Inspiron 15.6″

The Inspiron line of laptops is known for being incredibly well-balanced all around. You get impeccable performance considering the budget price point. The 8 GB of DDR4 RAM and 128 GB SSD is more than enough for most users who need to conduct business from anywhere in the world. You can also purchase an upgraded model that sports an additional 1 TB of internal HDD storage should you want more space out of the box. The Intel 4205U chipset is great for business and surfing the web, but you won’t be playing many modern games on it. If you never run any programs that intensive, then this budget laptop is the best bang for your buck.

The Pros

  • Multiple internal storage options to choose
  • Affordable price point that makes it easy to dive in
  • Bright 15.6-inch display that mitigates eye strain

The Cons

  • Not powerful enough for gaming or video editing

HP vs Dell: The Final Verdict

If money is no object, then HP offers the overall more impressive lineup of laptops. Splurging on either of the two HP models listed above will satisfy your desire to run graphically intense programs at a smooth level of performance. On the other hand, Dell comes up clutch for budget users and everyone else who won’t take advantage of the extra power of HP’s top of the line products anyway. If you just need a reliable laptop for school or work, you can’t go wrong with Dell’s Inspiron 15.6″.

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