How do you Carry your Phone while Running? Finburst Running Belt Review

Running is far from effortless at the best of times, and the last thing you need is the encumbrance of an uncomfortable strap disturbing the delicate symmetry of your stride. How do you carry your phone while running?

I have tried carrying my phone in my hands. I have tried using an armband, and I have found the best option to be using a running belt.

If you are like me, then music is the perfect accompaniment to running, but cables and unwieldy cases aren’t. Even if you are carrying a smartphone just for emergencies, you want it to be carried in as comfortable a manner as possible.

Why a Running Belt?

I started off with an armband, but when this fell apart from repeated soakings in my obviously corrosive sweat, I decided to replace it with a running belt, and now I have tried it there is no going back.

I’m not a massively serious runner, but In retrospect I can see that an armband just isn’t ergonomic. Running involves your whole body working together, and too often an armband feels uncomfortable, restrictive and unbalanced.

I remember my first trail-running championship when I was forced to tighten my armband so tight, just to keep it from shifting around, that after a few miles my arm was aching so much I had to take it off! In comparison, I now feel like a springbok gazelle on the Savannah!

But seriously… weighing down one side of your body with an armband can have an effect on your body over long distances, and the good thing about the belt is that the weight is all balanced in the middle of the body. There is no uneven weight distribution, it is just like an extra layer of fat on your belly.



how do you carry your phone while running? belt

When I first opened the packet, I thought that such a small pouch would never fit my average-sized smartphone. However, for such a tiny belt, it is capable of fitting pretty big smartphones, and some have even managed to squeeze in a small bottle of water, but I haven’t tried this myself.

However, for such a tiny belt, it is capable of fitting pretty big smartphones, and some have even managed to squeeze in a small bottle of water, but I haven’t tried this myself.

The pocket is stretchy and easily fits my 5-inch smartphone.There is also a second, smaller zip pouch, in which you can put cards etc, or perhaps keys. I normally put just a bank card in it, and a single key so I am not weighed down too much but can make a purchase if needed.

Generally, I think it is quite an elegant and well-considered design.

how do you carry your phone while running?

Belt loaded with postcards to demonstrate capacity

How to Wear it

I first tried wearing it on my hips, which was not ideal., as it kept slipping up and down because my hips were in constant motion.

So I tightened it up a little and moved it up around my belly, just around the line of the belly button. This was far more comfortable, especially when I put the pocket on the back and the buckle on the front.

I wear it right next to the skin under my shirt. By keeping it under my clothes, it is more protected from the elements. Although apparently, it is water resistant – which might protect it slightly from the inevitable sweatiness. This also makes the phone invisible to onlookers, and after a while you will forget that you are wearing it yourself, which I think is the greatest compliment you can pay a running garment.

I’m skinny, very slim, and I tie a knot in mine so that it is tight enough, but I don’t expect most people will have to do this. Unless you are also freakishly thin.

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