Holidays in France

If you’re planning a holiday to France then you will want to know the best regions.

Here is my expert advice on where to go in Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, Brittany, Normandy, Burgundy and the Dordogne and the Côte-d’Azur and Aquitaine Coast

Read on to find the best picks of  beach, villa, culture, food and drink, activity and cruise holidays in France.  

Holidays in France

Once you’ve visited you won’t be able to stay away –  France is seductive, and she can lure you back time and time again.

Easily the most diverse landscapes of any country in Europe, from the craggy alps to the sandy coast, and everything in between. Forest still covers 28 per cent of the landscape.

There are few countries where you can go to have such first-class food and wine, with proper bakeries, but you might start in Provence.

provence lavender france


Provence is known for the Lavender, but its got more than purply stalks to offer.

Aix, Arles and Avignon – this is a hard-stone rugged world which has survived much more than tourism. Which was popularised in 1960s when france decided it needed its own costa, to compete with Spain.

Thus the holiday resorts arrived to fill sandy beaches with tourists ready to chomp down prawns in the seafood cafes and spend evenings sucking grapes in sunny vineyards

Then the Atlantic, majestic of oceans, tossing surfers gratifyingly about. Contrasted with the green pyrenean hills, perfect for strolling on as the sun slips out of sight and leaves you stranded after another wonderful day.

brittany france village

North France

Brittany,is not a bad choice either.

With a strong identity local forged from rocks, onions and celtic culture. One key thing here not to miss is the rock-island abbey of Mont-saint-michel.

And… the D-Day beaches, which today ring with the laughter of children. Then head inland to watch cows frolick in bountiful pastures of green fresh grass.



Burgundy is also worth a look – a slow place, perfect for relaxing, that faded from glory in the medieval time and left behind just soft rolling slopes of green countryside and vineyards to furnish locals with grapes as they grow fat on the reddy sap of those sweet sweet grapes.

This historical territory takes its name from east Germanic people the Burgundians, who inhabited the region during Roman times.

Final Remarks

If you are flying out to France, you probably want to use your phone, and you don’t want to be fiddling about in the airport buying a SIM card, so stay connected with my guide to buying a SIM card in France.
Your trip will surely be fascinating but being able to make a phone call is absolutely crucial. It can either be an emergency or you might fall in love with the country and decide to permanently relocate. To move in to France will need some guidance and tips but we can assure you that is possible. Equip yoursellf with patiance and will and everything is possible

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