Choosing A Budget Dual SIM Smartphone For Your Travels

A Dual SIM Smartphone allows you to use two SIMs in one phone. This can be very useful for travellers who wish to use a local SIM in their destination, but also remain available on their usual home number.

This is possible because although both SIMs are available on standby at all times and calls or texts can be received by either SIM. Only one can be actively used at a time. In order to make a call or send a text, you need to specify the network to be used for that action. Either one SIM or the other can be chosen for data, which can be configured via the SIM management menus on Android and Windows phones.

Read on to find our top choices of budget dual SIM smartphones, we look at a phone on each of the most popular operating systems, Android and Windows, and look at what your options are if you have an iPhone.

If you already have a smartphone, you might be interested in getting a Dual SIM adapter instead.


 best dual sim smartphone

‘Best Budget Dual SIM Smartphone’

Our top pick for Android is the Moto G4, which has been widely acclaimed as the best budget smartphone. With the facility for two SIM cards, this makes an admirable Dual SIM smartphone.

The phone is available SIM free, allowing you to slot in any two SIMs of your choosing. Note that not all models of the phone have two SIM card slots.


  • Great specifications for the price
  • Simple and easy-to-use Android interface
  • Surprisingly good camera


  • Not particularly large amount of internal memory if you like to store alot of videos and music
  • SD card integration is not particularly user-friendly

The Moto G5 is soon to be released, but until then this is our top pick for Android.


Dual SIM Smartphone

‘Good Option for Windows Phone Users’

If you are familiar with the windows operating system and wish to continue using that, then you might consider the Microsoft Lumia 650.

This is a good budget choice, with reasonable spec, decent battery life and a classy appearance.


  • Light at only 122g


  • Not particularly powerful processor
  • Limited range of apps available on windows phones



‘Basic phone well-suited to travel’

Not quite so smart as the rest, but good battery life, durability and ease of use make the Nokia 105 a great Dual SIM phone for those looking for a simpler life.

Festival phone, holiday phone, kitchen drawer phone, ideal for holidays if you want only to use the basic features of calling and texts, or if you want to disconnect slightly from all the apps and complications present on smartphones.


  • Great Sound Clarity
  • Long Lasting Battery


  • Limited features


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