The Essential Guide to Choosing a Dual SIM Adapter

If you are traveling internationally and wish to purchase a local SIM, then you might wonder where to keep your home SIM. If you have a dual SIM phone, then you can slot it in alongside, and remain contactable on both numbers. Most smartphones however are not dual SIM, including iPhones. The solution is to use a dual SIM adapter.

Dual SIM adapters allow you to use two SIM cards in a phone that was intended for one. This avoids the annoyance of having two phones in your pocket and allows you to keep your current handset. If you want to use an iPhone with two SIMs, then this is your only option.

How Do Dual SIM Adapters Work?

Some models are PASSIVE, meaning that you need to manually switch between SIM cards using the menu that is built in. Some models are ACTIVE, meaning that both SIM cards can be used without manually switching.

Choose the right device and both SIMs will remain active at the same time and both can get phone calls at the same time/one can be put on hold and the other can be answered.

Types of Adapters

A dual SIM adapter is designed to work with an iPhone. However, there are two types of SIMs that you can get. Some are passive, which means that you must manually switch SIM cards using a built-in menu. Other models are active, which means you can use both SIM cards without having to switch cards manually.

Iphone dual SIM adapters come in a range of prices and styles. The internal adapter is inserted into a SIM card slot. It attaches to a SIM on the back of your phone. This adapter plugs directly into your phone. Most internal cards are model-specific, which means you’ll need to find a precise match. The other kind is an external adapter. It is connected to your phone through Bluetooth. An external adapter does not have to be attached to your phone to work.

Are They Easy to Fit?

Dual SIM adaptors are very cheap, but some are better than others, and there are two different kinds on the market, those that are inserted into the SIM card slot, and attach to an extra SIM that is clipped on to the back of the phone, and external adaptors that are connected via Bluetooth.

Best dual SIM adapter for iPhone and Android

If you travel frequently, a dual SIM adapter is a great asset to have. Instead of dealing with the hassle and expense of having two phones – one for home, and one for traveling – a dual SIM lets you use one phone for domestic and international calls. Since most phones are not dual SIM-compatible, you will most likely have to get a dual adapter. There are many highly-reviewed adapters on the market to choose from that are compatible with a variety of smartphone brands and carriers.

The Top Dual Sim Adapters

Now that you know what kinds of dual SIM adapters are available for an iPhone, it’s time to start shopping around. Fortunately, there are some highly-rated adapters available from reputable brands, including IKOS and Apple, that also have bonus functions. You can also find a versatile adapter like the iSimple that is designed for use in your car on the go. Here are a few top choices for iPhone-compatible adapters.

Internal Dual SIM Adapter

dual sim adapter - internal
Internal flex cable Dual SIM adapter

These plug into the existing SIM slot in your phone, and allow you to add another SIM on the exterior of the phone, without adding too much bulk so that it can still fit into a case. These tend to be unique to your phone, so you need to buy one that is specific to your model.

External Dual SIM Adapter

dual sim - bluetooth WORLDSIM
The WorldSIM External Dual SIM Adapter

External Bluetooth Dual SIM Adapters are the more expensive option, these are credit card-sized devices that accommodate an extra SIM, and connect it your phone via Bluetooth.

This SIM is then operated through an app, which allows your phone to also be used as normal with your usual SIM. You can place the device in a separate pocket, in your wallet, or in a bag, anywhere within around 10 metres.

I have looked at the best dual SIM adapters available on the market today and picked out three key recommendations:

IKOS Dual SIM Adapter

This iPhone dual sim adapter is designed for use in your iPhone, but it offers much more, too. This device adds functionality to an iPad or iPod, too. It also gives you an extra SIM card for use with other iPhones. If you’re considering the IKOS, note that it is only available with Apple products. You will need iOS 7.0. As an added bonus, the IKOS also doubles as a camera and has a built-in battery.

The IKOS Bluetooth Dual SIM Adapter allows you to add mobile functions to iPad or iPod devices, but also to add another SIM card to iPhones. This is compatible only with Apple products and requires iOS 7.0 or newer for iPhones.

It also has a useful second function as a remote control shutter for taking pictures away from your phone, and a built-in battery with 4 hrs talk time.

Hamlet iDualSIM Adapter

This iPhone X dual sim bluetooth adapter has a number of desirable features, including a camera button, a pairing button, and LED indicator light, and a USB charging port.

This dual SIM adapter is a top choice for anyone looking for a compact and easily portable device. It also stands out for the bonus features it offers, including call black-listing and a remote self-timer. This adapter is compatible with the iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

The Hamlet iDualSIM adapter is another popular option, including several bonus functions like remote self-timer and call blacklisting, all in a very compact package. Again, this is only for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

dual sim adapter

Magic Internal Dual SIM Adapter Android

MagicSIM offer a range of internal adapters that are designed for specific phones. They often include a case which contains both phone and adapter, and allow you to switch between SIMs without restarting the phone.

Warning: Using this adapter incorrectly can damage the spring pins that hold the SIM in place. Exercise care when installing it.

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