Brand Comparison: Dell vs Lenovo

Brand loyalty is nothing new to the consumer market. However, electronics manufacturers tend to cultivate some of the most fervent fan bases due to the joy that experiencing new technology brings. When it comes to laptops, only a handful of manufacturers have built such a loyal following. Both Dell and Lenovo have become household names thanks to consistent quality among their hardware lineups.

Since both brands have a solid track record, it is worth taking a closer look to see how each company has managed to stay near the top. Dell and Lenovo share many similarities while also providing enough differences to attract different users. Read on to learn more about which brand is right for you.


Dell offers a wide variety of laptops for all interests and use cases. That being said, they tend to focus on the high-end market by favoring impressive performance. Most models support intensive business apps and modern game titles without much stress. If you are looking for something that won’t break the bank, they also offer more budget-friendly options like Chromebooks. These less advanced rigs are perfect for students or anyone who just wants to check their email.


Dell sports a deluxe look that matches the high performance output the company is known for. All of their laptops feature the iconic logo centered on the back panel. The manufacturer focuses on sustainability in each of the materials it selects. Despite the powerful hardware, Dell notebooks tend to be lightweight and portable. They are also compatible with a variety of cases if you prefer some added protection during travel.


Many Dell laptops are equipped with enough processing power to handle advanced 3D graphics. Whether you want to play games or work on business projects, Dell laptops can keep up with some of the most demanding apps on Windows. Artists, video editors, and gamers will especially appreciate the HDR-capable displays. Displaying an image in HDR allows the true depth of color to emerge from each scene.

Customer Support and Warranties

Dell customer support is fairly quick to respond to questions and concerns. They can be reached via email or telephone 24/7. Dell has a reputation to protect so they have plenty of incentive to keep their customers happy. Each of their laptops also come with a standard 1-year warranty that covers any defects. The only way to increase this warranty period is to purchase a separate protection plan from the retailer where the laptop is purchased.


Dell’s focus on higher specs means their biggest advancements come in the form of raw horsepower. The manufacturer consistently puts some top of the line graphics cards and processors in their machines. As mentioned above, they were also one of the first big companies to bring HDR to their mid-range and high-end devices. This drastic improvement to color vibrancy is a huge esthetic leap that all users can enjoy.


Considering the high specs that Dell routinely shoots for, spending limits will be a huge deciding factor for some. If you have a strict budget, Dell only has a few options for you to take a look at. Their Chromebook line provides speedy network access for a relatively low cost. However, Dell has carved out a huge market with those who like to splurge on build quality. They will no doubt continue to focus their efforts on the customers that made them so big in the first place.

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Lenovo has become trusted by millions of PC users worldwide because they offer an excellent portfolio of laptops that everyone can appreciate. If you walk into a store and grab the first Lenovo notebook you see, you would most likely be pleased with the purchase. That is how reliable their hardware has become. The average price tag of each machine is also much lower than Dell’s. There are many casual users who first choose Lenovo for this reason alone. Then they become fans for life because of the surprisingly solid performance to price ratio.


Visually, Lenovo laptops are about as plain as can be. This is one way they manage to keep the price of each device so affordable. Lenovo emphasizes functionality over form to great effect in this regard. Each device may not look very exciting but they get the job done every time. This is really all a budget user can ask for.


Although Lenovo focuses on the budget market, they do offer several stronger laptops equipped with powerful Intel processors. Video editors and gamers will be happy to know they can still pick Lenovo if they look towards the apex of the product line. Everyone else who just wants to browse the web and stream media will get more than enough mileage from any Lenovo notebook.

Customer Support and Warranties

Lenovo offers the classic 1-year warranty we’ve come to expect from tech companies. What makes their policy a bit more appealing is how this warranty extends to the battery as well. Batteries have been excluded from many laptop warranty agreements in the past. If you travel a lot and plan to plug your laptop into many different outlets, this is a nice additional layer of protection. As for the customer service itself, you can reach the support team via email or phone call. While they may be a tad slow to get back to you, they have been known to honor warranties and help troubleshoot any problems faced by their customers.


Lenovo rarely pushes the envelope in terms of new technology. Instead, the manufacturer has been a forerunner in reducing the cost of producing existing tech. This is why they are able to offer such affordable machines that still manage to wow most users in terms of performance. Users who stick with Lenovo see sizable leaps in quality with each new model they purchase.


As you may have guessed, the value for money is Lenovo’s biggest strong suit. They are one of the best selling laptop brands because of the low cost of entry compared to many other market juggernauts. At the end of the day, most users just want the cheapest device that works well enough. Lenovo has captured that massive portion of the PC audience.

Our Favorite Lenovo Laptops

Below you will find our favorite Dell laptops for [year] based on category.

Dell Vs Lenovo: The Verdict

Although many brand loyalists will always go with their favorite manufacturer, the best course of action is to choose the company that offers the best laptops for your specific use case. Depending on your main area of focus, both Dell and Lenovo win out in different aspects. Here is a rundown of the most common use cases and which manufacturer reigns supreme for each niche.


If you have a desire to play modern games at high resolutions and a stable framerate, then you are going to want to go with Dell all the way. Dell’s focus on beefy specs allows them to keep up with the ever-advancing gaming landscape. Gamers already know they need to pay a premium for a truly immersive experience so the high price tags aren’t much of a deterrent.

Our Pick: Alienware M15-15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop

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Business and Productivity

Users who conduct business from their laptops have more to consider when choosing between Dell and Lenovo. If you use graphically intensive apps like video editing software, you will want the extra power that Dell provides. If your business only uses apps that require an internet connection, then a Lenovo notebook will allow you to save some money. Less demanding software like powerpoints and spreadsheets will run perfectly on any Lenovo machine. This means Lenovo is also the clear choice for students.

Our Pick: Lenovo IdeaPad

Budget Users

Users who must adhere to a strict budget will have the most options if they go with Lenovo. Dell tends to charge a premium for all but the lowest end Chromebooks. For the same amount of money, you have access to the mid-range offerings from Lenovo. If you are just a casual internet user who reads articles and checks email, then there is no need to pay Dell’s premium for extra power you won’t even tap into.

Our Pick: Lenovo Yoga C630

The Best Brand to Choose

Both Dell and Lenovo excel in different use cases. Gamers will want the full strength of a premium Dell machine to get the most out of modern titles. Casual users and students can get everything they need from a more affordable Lenovo device. As long as you determine what you will use your new laptop for and purchase accordingly, you are guaranteed to have a great portable computing experience with either brand.            

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