The Best Travel Safe: Pacsafe Travelsafe Review

best travel safe

Portable safes are not particularly common with most travellers. In fact, I have never seen another backpacker using one, but I think its is quite a worthy investment. Carrying a portable safe will add negligible weight to your bag but can offer peace of mind to know your valuables are safe.

Safety First

Although alot of hostels incorporate safes, they are often very small, and don’t have enough space in them for laptops, or larger items. Many hostels and guesthouses also do not have safes, or indeed anywhere to store valuables other than behind the reception desk.

best travel safe

This doesn’t mean that thieves are not operating in the area. When I was in Barcelona a thief entered the hostel room, which was fully occupied at the time, and managed to escape unsuspected with a full suitcase.

These sorts of events made me think twice about where to keep valuables when travelling, and so I decided to buy the pacsafe travelsafe. I used it when travelling around SouthEast Asia, and found it very useful. I kept my passport in it, along with my laptop, kindle, and large amounts of cash.

This meant I didn’t need to carry cash, and so wasn’t vulnerable to street thieves. It also meant I could carry my laptop with me without fear of it getting stolen.

What Is PacSafe Made Of?

It is essentially a rubber sleeve, with slash-proof chicken wire exo-mesh reinforcement, and soft lining to encase your electronics. Fastened by a lock at the top Had my doubts about the locking mechanism at first but it proved itself sturdy. .to form a strong bag that is is certainly enough to deter most opportunist thieves who might break into your room looking for easy pickings.

How To Use PacSafe

Open the bag, insert your valuables, draw it closed and lock it. Then find a suitable place to secure it.

I locked it under the bed, or out of sight on pipes or fixtures in the room. The cable is reasonably long, so you can lock it to a range of different things. You could try locking it to the bed and putting it under the pillow, or if you needed to charge your phone could potentially even put the phone inside and have the cable coming out the top.

It is a simple design, that is well made and suitable for holiday security, well worth considering for your adventures! It also fits neatly into the back of the Osprey Farpoint 40 (as pictured).

best travel safe
Backpack nestled inside the Farpoint 40

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