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Searching for the best travel apps for Europe? If you are planning your dream vacation across Europe in 2020, chances are you are going to need some help. Nearly everyone fantasizes about making their way across the incredibly diverse European continent. However, making travel plans for several different countries can be a daunting task.

Travel apps help a lot, but with all of the apps available these days, you can’t possibly download them all. How can you choose the best travel apps for Europe? No worries. Stasher’s got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the best international travel apps for a hassle-free trip to Europe.

Best Europe Travel Planner App

1. TripCase

The TripCase app allows you to forward all of your travel confirmations directly from your email. No more sorting through your inbox or wasting time and paper printing out hard copies.

You can organize flights, hotels, ground transportation, and other reservations in one handy itinerary. The TripCase app also sends alerts for gate changes and flight delays. As an added convenience, TripCase has partnered with Uber, and you can hire a car right from the app.

Handle Your Luggage

2. PackPoint

Never forget an electronics charger, medication, or any other important item again. PackPoint’s free app helps you organize your packing list long before you leave for your trip. You can create your own lists or let the app suggest packing lists based on your travel plans.

As an added feature, PackPoint shows you up-to-date weather forecasts for your destination. The paid version of the app includes added features, such as customizable PackPoint templates.

3. Stasher

Got a last-minute flight delay? No problem. Just cue up Stasher’s handy luggage-storage app. The app instantly finds secure and affordable luggage storage at a StashPoint close to your current location. Book with the app, drop off your luggage at your preferred StashPoint and enjoy those extra hours before your flight unencumbered. Stasher charges a low flat-fee per item of only 5 Euros for most of Europe. Stasher, unlike many luggage storage options, has no size restrictions or hidden charges.

With over 1000 StashPoint locations in over 200 cities worldwide, Stasher stands among the best travel apps for iPhone. Android users can book Stasher luggage storage through Concierge.

Best Transportation Apps

4. Skyscanner

The Skyscanner app searches over 1200 different websites to find you the best flight deal. You can search for flexible dates, and the app will send an alert when prices drop.

The latest version of the Skyscanner app also allows you to search for deals on hotels and car rental.

5. Trainline

Train travel remains the most popular way to get around Europe. The Trainline app lets you look up train routes for all intercity travel, making it one of the best travel apps for Europe. Save potential itineraries, and then choose among them to book your transport. No need to spend all day searching complicated, individual sites. No unnecessary visits to the train station to look up schedules.

6. Flixbus

Flixbus gives users a no-fuss way to make bus travel reservations around Europe. The free Flixbus app offers discounts for multiple bus trips. Flixbus is expanding its services to include train travel. For now, the Flixbus train app only covers train trips throughout Germany.

7. Free Now

Formerly called MyTaxi, Free Now is Europe’s largest taxi app network. The app accesses over 40,000 taxis in 40 European cities. The Free Now app is the perfect solution for convenient, late-night, or rush-hour transportation. You can make reservations and pay for cab rides directly in the app. Free Now lets you rate your drivers and save your favorites in a list for next time.

8. Omio

Omio’s comprehensive app places it among the best travel apps for Europe. Formerly called Go Euro, the Omio app covers air, bus, and train travel throughout the entire continent. You can compare route options and store offline e-tickets directly on the app.

Speak the Language

9. Google Translate

One of the most wonderful things about Europe is its incredible cultural diversity. In just a few hours, you can travel to a completely different culture. With such an abundance of languages, a translator app is a must for visiting Europe. The Google Translate app covers over 100 languages. The offline version translates 59 of the world’s most popular languages. You can take photos of signs, maps, and other printed materials for an instant translation. Like Shazam for songs, Google Translate has instant language recognition features.

10. Duolingo

Translation apps are essential, but it’s always polite (and fun) to learn some language basics. For a user-friendly language app, you can’t beat Duolingo. The app takes you from basic sounds and phrases through to advanced grammar in an astounding range of languages. Each lesson helps you practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking your new language. Duolingo’s short lessons play almost like mini-video games, which makes the app perfect for slipping in some language learning while waiting for travel departures. If you don’t mind closing ads at the end of each lesson, the free version will work just fine. Duolingo Plus is ad-free and includes a few more features.

Navigate Your Journey

11. Google Maps

Nothing screams, “Hey, I’m a tourist!” like puzzling over huge, paper maps on the street corner. Thanks to Google Maps, you can get your bearings in a large European city without dealing with cumbersome and conspicuous folding maps. Google Maps app allows you to save maps to consult offline. You can create custom maps with the Google My Maps feature. With Google My Maps, you can add restaurants and attractions that you plan to visit, and much more. Although you’ll find other navigation apps online, Google Maps is still the granddaddy of mapping apps and one of the best travel apps for Europe.

Download Google Maps app for free for iphone and Android.

Best Travel Guide Apps

12. Culture Trip

Culture Trip is similar to TripAdvisor, but with a ton of extra features. Along with reviews, attraction, and restaurant information, Culture Trip will give you historical and cultural information about your destination. Additionally, Culture Trip’s app adapts to your preferences when making recommendations.

13. Guides by Lonely Planet

When it comes to travel guides, Lonely Planet leads the pack. With their new app, you won’t have to make room in your suitcase for heavy guidebooks. Lonely Planet’s Guides app provides you with current entertainment listings, access to offline maps, and much more.

Best Apps for Accommodation

14. Hostelworld

There’s nothing like a hostel for budget accommodations and socializing with other travelers. The Hostelworld app searches from among 36,000 hostels in 170 countries. You can also search for budget hotels or bed and breakfasts through Hostelworld.


The app makes it easy to search for hotel deals and read reviews. The app searches over 500,000 hotels and comes with some sweet deals and discounts. If you book ten nights, will give you the 11th night for free. has partnered with Stasher so that you can book safe and affordable luggage storage along with your hotel reservation. With left luggage facilities becoming more scarce and expensive, Stasher’s convenient luggage storage is a real relief for travelers.

Money Management Apps

17. CalConvert

No more fumbling around in the market. The CalConvert app offers you one app to quickly convert currencies, weights, and other measures. CalConvert covers over 600 units and 150 currencies. With so many countries to visit, CalConvert stands out as one of the best travel apps for Europe.

18. Trail Wallet

How many times have you decided to splurge while on vacation only to find out that you are suddenly way over budget? Trail Wallet’s app lets you track your expenses as you go. Just add the amount you spent in the local currency and designate a category. Trail Wallet will automatically convert the amount into your home currency and show you your spending habits in easy-to-read charts and pie graphs.

19. GlobeTips

Tipping customs in Europe vary from country to country. The GlobeTips app allows you to calculate the gratuity according to each country you visit quickly and easily. Just enter the amount of the bill, and the app will show you a range of appropriate tips. GlobeTips also does calculations for splitting the bill up to four ways. With so many unique countries to visit, GlobeTips easily earns its place among the best European travel apps.

Find Restaurants

20. The Fork

The Fork by TripAdvisor is the ultimate foodie app for your European vacation. You can search from over 40,000 restaurants throughout Europe. The Fork lets you make reservations right from the app for free and includes directions to the restaurant. The Fork app offers up to 50% in restaurant discounts and a rewards program for loyal customers. There you have it — 20 absolutely brilliant apps for your 2020 trip to Europe. Bon Voyage!

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