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best portable keyboards

Typing is talking in the 21st century. If your device doesn’t have a keyboard, how else could you interact with the World Wide Web? Although smartphones and tablets have built-in keypads, these aren’t good enough for travelers who live in cyberspace. If you’re constantly shifting from one screen to the next, why wouldn’t you want one centralized keyboard? Here are the best portable keywords, rated by portability and ease of use!

The Best Portable Keyboards For Typing On The Go

Thankfully, there are portable keyboards that make it easier to “type in transit.” These lightweight units are simple to slip into your luggage and compatible with the most in-demand interfaces. A high-quality portable keyboard could significantly boost your typing speed while on the road. 

iClever BK08 Bluetooth Keyboard 

If your idea of “portability” means “pocket-friendly,” then you should take a peek at iClever’s BK08 Bluetooth keyboard. What makes this keyboard shine is its futuristic foldable design. Whenever you want to slip this unit away, you can fold it to a size comparable to the iPhone 7. 

Just keep in mind that iClever achieved this slim design by getting rid of one row of keys. Instead of the standard six rows, you’ll only see five on the BK08. Therefore, you will have to re-learn how to type a few important symbols like “?” when first using this device. 

When it’s in use, the iClever BK08 can connect with three Bluetooth devices at one time. There’s also an included touchpad on the side to help users interact with their screens. However, the BK08’s touchpad doesn’t work with iOS devices at this time. 

The BK08’s battery life is decent at around 60 hours of work use and 90 days on standby. iClever includes a micro-USB charger, and there is a battery indicator on this device. 

And don’t worry too much about the BK08 getting bruised on the road. iClever uses aircraft-grade aluminum in this unit’s design. 

Overall, the BK08 is a cool and efficient keyboard. While it’s not the cheapest portable keyboard, it’s a good option for folks who prioritize portability. 


Dimensions: 10.94 x 3.58 x 0.24 inches

Weight: 6.9 oz

Battery life: 60 hours working; 90 days standby

Connectivity: Bluetooth 


  • Folds to a pocket-friendly size. 
  • Touchpad included.
  • Easily switch between three Bluetooth devices. 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction. 


  • Touchpad doesn’t work with iOS. 
  • Five rows of keys rather than standard six.

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Keyboard

Arteck’s HB030B is one of the best bargains in the portable keyboard sector. While this device doesn’t have as much versatility as other units, it does have a few features that are great for budget travelers. 

Let’s start with the bad news: The HB030B can only work with one Bluetooth device at a time. Anyone who loves to multi-task may find it annoying to move from device to device. Also, there are reports that HB030B doesn’t work well on Linux devices or Windows 8 Mobile.

On the positive side, the HB030B is one of the few portable keyboards with LED backlight technology. At only 7.6 oz, it’s easy to slip the HB030B into a backpack. Plus, Arteck claims you could get six months of use out of the HB030B before recharging it.  

If you prefer taking care of one task at a time, then the HB030B may be the right portable keyboard for you. While it may not be the flashiest unit, it’s a reliable keyboard at a budget-friendly price. 


Dimensions: ‎9.72 x 0.24 x 5.91 inches

Weight: 7.6 oz 

Battery life: ~ 6 months in-between charges

Connectivity: Bluetooth 


  • Affordable. 
  • Backlighting with various LED colors. 
  • Lightweight and slim. 
  • Long battery life. 


  • Backlight auto shuts off every 15 seconds. 
  • Doesn’t connect with multiple devices.
  • Poor connection with Linux, and none for Windows 8 Mobile. 

Logitech K380 Portable Keyboard

best portable keyboard

Logitech’s K380 has been around for years, but it still tops most lists for the best portable keyboards. Few customers who purchase this device complain about its versatility, convenience, and seamless connectivity.

The K380 can connect with three devices and has dedicated buttons to help you switch between them. Considering this keyboard is in the affordable price bracket, this advanced connectivity is a major pro. 

Another impressive feature of the K380 is its long battery life. Although you can’t recharge batteries in the K380, manufacturers claim they’ll last two years before they die. FYI: Logitech estimates 2 million keystrokes per year to get this estimate. 

Although Logitech’s K380 has many positives, not every customer likes this unit’s key design. Unlike standard squares, the K380 has small circular keys that may take some getting used to. Also, some people have complained about a lack of backlighting and angle adjustability. 

Considering the K380 is a budget buy, it’s hard to be too picky with this unit. Anyone looking for a reliable and affordable portable keyboard will be impressed with all the K380 has to offer. 


Dimensions: 0.6 x 11.0 x 4.9 inches

Weight: 14.9 oz

Battery life: Estimated two years

Connectivity: Bluetooth


  • Works with any device that supports an external keyboard.
  • Affordable.
  • Average two-year battery life.  


  • Traditionalists may not like round keys.
  • Batteries aren’t rechargeable.  

sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard USB 

Everyone knows they shouldn’t eat and drink near electronics—but, honestly, who doesn’t? Even though some devices claim to be waterproof, few products are safer than sungwoo’s silicone keyboard.

This keyboard is made with a squishy silicone mold and can roll up like a yoga mat. Manufacturers also claim this keyboard is 100 percent waterproof, which means it should still be functional after minor spills. 

Admittedly, this keyboard isn’t the most practical option as it only works on desktops and laptops. Also, you could only hook this keyboard to devices via a USB cable. However, since sungwoo’s keyboard is flexible, it’s simple to pack in your luggage. 

Not everyone will dig this keyboard’s squishy silicone feel, but most customers claim it works well once it’s plugged in. So, people who are looking for a unique & cheap product that’s “safer” near food & drink, please give sungwoo’s silicone keyboard a look. 


Dimensions: 15.87 x 4.72 x 0.47 inches

Weight: 7.05 oz

Battery life: USB connection

Connectivity: USB


  • Easy to roll and store.  
  • Innovative waterproof design. 
  • Includes all keys on the standard keyboard. 
  • Great for discreet, silent typing. 


  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Only works with desktops and laptops. 
  • Squishy texture may reduce typing speed. 

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

If you want to enjoy Apple’s keyboard design at a non-Apple price, then OMOTON’s Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is worth a look. When you first see OMOTON’s keyboard, it’s not hard to notice they copied Apple’s aesthetics. Although made with plastic, the OMOTON Keyboard has all the same slim & silver design elements in Apple’s wireless keypads. 

One significant difference is that OMOTON’s keyboard is way cheaper than Apple’s official products. This keyboard works well on Bluetooth-enabled devices, although everything is tailored to Apple products like iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. 

OMOTON claims the AAA batteries in its keyboard should last for 30 days before you have to change them. 

People who strictly use iOS will most appreciate OMOTON’s portable keyboard. Sure, this may not have the Apple brand name, but it’s a decent copycat that works well for an affordable price. 


Dimensions: 11.2 x 4.7 x 0.2 inch

Weight: 9.95 oz

Battery life: 30 days 

Connectivity: Bluetooth 


• Simple, Apple-like design.

• Affordable. 

• Compatible with Apple devices via Bluetooth. 


• Not ideal for non-Apple users. 

• No rechargeable batteries.

Keep On Clanking With A Portable Keyboard! 

Portable keyboards may not be a “travel essential,” but they can enhance your computerized communication. Since these devices interact with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you can easily text across multiple platforms. Whether you use a portable keyboard for work or just surfing the Web, they offer a ton of convenience without taking up too much space.  

Speaking of space, you may be wondering where to stash your portable keyboard. If so, you’ve got to check out our previous guide to the “Best Travel Backpacks for Men.” 

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