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best portable cd player

We’ve all had one of our favorite songs disappear from a music streaming service without warning. While CDs may seem a little old school at first, there are a variety of benefits to listening to physical media. Of course, your phone doesn’t exactly have a CD drive installed. This means you’ll need a dedicated CD player to have full control of your tunes wherever you go. Here is a rundown of what you need to look out for when choosing a great CD player. We’ve even included our top picks for the best CD players of 2020 to make the process even easier.

What should I focus on when choosing a CD player?

A solid Cd player will excel in as many of the following areas as possible. Always consider each of these attributes before purchasing a device.

Anti-Skip Protection

CDs can live a long life if you take proper care of them. Getting a CD player with anti-skip protection is a great way to extend the longevity of your discs. This technology absorbs any shocks that occur while you are moving about your day. By mitigating how often your disc gets jostled, you can avoid scratching your CDs prematurely. Even minor scratches can lead to songs skipping and other playback errors so anti-skip protection should be at the top of your priority list when shopping around.

Battery Life

Most modern CD players incorporate rechargeable batteries into their design. These batteries are very convenient if you plan ahead and charge them regularly. The goal is to find a player with a battery life longer than your typical listening schedule. A minimum of eight hours is a great place to start. That gives most people enough juice to get through an entire day.

Bluetooth connectivity

Wires can be a giant hassle, especially when listening to media during strenuous physical activity. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair your player with a wireless set of earbuds. This allows you to say goodbye to snags and other cable mishaps. Just be sure that both your player and earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth before purchasing. Both devices will need the tech to communicate with each other wirelessly.

Radio functionality

The inclusion of an FM/AM radio will help you extend your listening options past your current CD collection. The abundance of radio stations is an excellent way to break up the pattern of your favorite tunes. If you don’t need radio functionality then you can save some money by finding a player that cuts costs by eliminating the feature.


An LED display is very useful for determining what track and disc are currently playing. Some older models have a very dim backlight. This can make it very difficult to see text when it is bright outside. Be sure to choose a player with a vibrant backlight to avoid this issue. Displays are also required for the use of radio and other advanced features that may come with your device.

Controls and ease of use

Each player has a slightly different set of controls and playback features. The more features available, the easier it is to enjoy songs on your own terms. The button layout will determine how easy it is to use. Try to get a good look at the controls before purchasing a player online. Most manufacturers have at least one picture that will show you the setup. Make sure it is something you could see yourself using for multiple years.

Roundup of the best CD players on the market

The following CD players are some of the finest that 2020 has to offer. They each provide a solid experience for most users. Read on to learn more about each and pair the best one to your current situation.

Naviskauto Portable CD Player

The Naviskauto CD player is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t mind paying extra for all the bells and whistles. One of the nicest perks is the rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours at moderate volume. The beautiful LED display makes it very easy to gauge how much juice you have left. There is also hefty anti-skip protection that keeps your discs spinning without any interruptions. You are safe to workout without your CDs getting damaged. All in all, you will absolutely love this device should you pick it up.

The Good

  • Impressive battery life
  • Robust CD protection
  • Both aux and Bluetooth connections are available

The Bad

  • Prone to overheating if left in hot environments

Tenswall Portable CD Player

This unique CD player can be mounted to a wall and used as a speaker. As you can imagine, this means the base speakers produce high-quality sound without the need for headphones. The downside is that it doesn’t have a cover for your discs. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to safely transport your discs while on the move. However, this also means you’ll never have to worry about battery life either. If you desire a home setup for your CDs, then this unique device will fit into your life perfectly.

The Good

  • Incredible speaker quality
  • The mount is easy to install anywhere
  • Support for USB and Bluetooth connections

The Bad

  • The lack of a cover prevents it from being used during travel


The Hott CD711T is perfect for fans of truly wireless earbuds. The player has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter that improves compatibility with other wireless devices. You can rest easy knowing your specific headphones will work without any hiccups. You also get a decent battery life that clocks in at seven hours per charge. This should be more than enough for your daily needs. There is even some solid anti-skip protection that absorbs short falls and other mild impacts.

The Good

  • Facilitates truly wireless Bluetooth connections
  • Can protect CDs when the player falls onto the floor
  • Strong battery that lasts throughout the day

The Bad

  • Bluetooth doesn’t sync up to all car models

Sony Bluetooth Boombox

No list of CD players would be complete without a good jukebox. This boombox from Sony delivers an impactful sound that bass lovers will get a huge kick out of. This model in particular enjoys Bluetooth functionality and the ability to play rewritable CDs. You can also use a USB drive to play your favorite media. Once you take in all of the possibilities offered by this boombox, you’ll see why it has become so popular.

The good

  • Booming bass that augments each song
  • Many connection types and options available
  • Choice of outlet or C batteries for power supply

The Bad

  • Not as portable as the other players on this list

Tyler CD Player

This simple yet effective CD player from Tyler is perfect for anyone on a budget. Many budget CD players really skimp on the quality to get the price down so low. However, Tyler manages to keep the quality serviceable while making it affordable to all. The anti-skip protection isn’t as robust as some of the other models on this list, but it won’t leave your collection unreadable. either. You can safely commute without worrying about premature scratches.

The Good

  • Great value for the price
  • Compatible with all types of CD
  • Keeps discs protected from scratches

The Bad

  • The display is not backlit

And the winner of the roundup is…

Overall, the Naviskauto CD player is the best choice for the majority of users. While you must pay a slight premium, it more than makes up for it with excellent features and impeccable build quality. If you plan to just listen to CDs in your home, then the Sony Boombox will also provide a memorable experience for everyone you invite over.

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