The Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

best mouse for carpal tunnel

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome then you know that comfortably holding a mouse is something that most people take for granted. Getting the best ergonomic mouse that you can afford is a great way to mitigate the discomfort and pain that stems from prolonged computer use. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the best mouse for carpal tunnel.

The two main options for users with carpal tunnel

Since carpal tunnel makes it challenging to use a traditional mouse, your best bet is to acquire a specialized device. There are two main types of mice to consider. Both vertical mice and trackball devices are designed specifically for mitigating the pain and discomfort caused by the typical mouse posture. The best ergonomic mouse for you will depend on your unique diagnosis. If you can’t remember all the details, consult your physician to nail down the specifics while getting their recommendation.

Trackball mice

hand using trackball mouse

A trackball mouse allows you to control movement with your thumb. Using just your thumb eliminates the need to constantly move your wrist while navigating your computer. Once you get used to a trackball setup, it is very comfortable to control. However, moving the ball is a bit too slow for playing fast-paced action games. Keep this in mind if you plan to play online multiplayer titles. 

Vertical mice

As the name implies, a vertical mouse allows you to position your hand vertically while remaining in full control of your pointer. The vertical position puts much less stress on your nerves and joints when compared to a horizontal device. It takes a bit of getting used to, but afterward, you will be able to make precise mouse inputs with ease. Whether you play a ton of games or need exact precision for your digital art, a vertical mouse will let you perform at your best.

The top mice for users with carpal tunnel

Each year there are a surprising number of mice being produced with carpal tunnel users in mind. While it is great to see such abundant representation, it also means that deciding on the perfect mouse has become more challenging. Here is a list of our favorite picks in no particular order to help expedite your search. The following mice are all great options that will help you keep your productivity high and your discomfort low.

Logitech MX Master 3

This wireless trackball mouse has all the bells and whistles you have come to expect from premium hardware. You can choose between graphite and mid-grey color variants depending on your office setup. Both look sleek and professional when sitting on a desk. The magspeed thumb wheel gives you full control over your workflow while remaining blissfully quiet. There are even custom app settings that allow you to augment your productivity in programs that you frequent.

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection stays strong from upwards of 30 feet away from your device. You simply need to plug in the included USB dongle and the drivers install automatically on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The battery is fully chargeable with the included USB-C cable. What’s even better is that you can expect roughly 70 days of battery life per charge. This is a far better alternative than replacing AAA batteries every few months. Plus, you can quickly charge up to three hours of juice in just under a minute in case of an emergency.

The good

  • Magspeed scrolling makes precision thumb control a breeze
  • Compatibility with all surfaces and operating systems
  • Rechargeable battery with impressive lifespan

The bad

  • The advanced featureset comes with a steep price tag

Jelly Comb Vertical Mouse

This vertical mouse is an excellent choice for people with small hands. The design is far more compact than the Master 3, which is good or bad depending on the size of your grip. If your hands do fall on the smaller side, then you will enjoy the extremely smooth and precise control offered by this device. Your pointer glides across the screen effortlessly so you won’t have to strain your wrist when moving quickly. There are also handy shortcut buttons that allow you to move forward or backward with just a single click and minimal wrist movement.

It works with all versions of Windows and Linux just by plugging the USB connector into your device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee compatibility with Macs so be sure to double-check compatibility before purchasing. In most cases, you may use the basic functionality of the mouse on macOS but lose the ability to use the extra shortcut buttons.

The good

  • Compact design perfect for small hands
  • Vertical grip provides precise and responsive control
  • Extra buttons allow you to navigate the web with one hand

The bad

  • Limited compatibility with Apple devices

Acedada Rechargeable Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

The unique shape of this mouse is designed to emulate a handshake as you grasp it. While this sounds a tad strange on paper, it feels incredible in your hands. Within moments your fingers will settle into a comfy and natural position that forgoes the discomfort of typical mouse posture. There are multiple buttons along the side that help you navigate the web more quickly. Not only are the buttons convenient, but their placement helps inform where you should rest your hand during your first few sessions with the device.

Another nice feature is the rechargeable battery. You can plug it in via USB C and have it up to full power in just a few hours. The mouse is compatible with all Windows and Linux operating systems but doesn’t work on any Macs. If your computer is compatible, you get a strong 2.4 GHz wireless connection powered by a USB dongle. Acedada even offers a two-year warranty period that covers any defects that might arise. It is no wonder they are quickly becoming a trusted source of ergonomic electronics.

The good

  • Long warranty and robust technical support
  • Unique handshake design provides comfort you can’t find elsewhere
  • Six extra buttons that improve efficiency immensely

The bad

  • Mac devices don’t even recognize this mouse

The overall best mouse for carpal tunnel

No matter which type of mouse you are leaning towards, you can’t go wrong with the Logitech MX Master 3. It features unparalleled comfort and a host of useful features. Logitech is a reputable brand so you can rest assured your mouse will last for many years. The reduction of stress and discomfort in your wrist will more than makeup for the initial investment.

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