Product Roundups: The Best Bass Headphones for [year]

The first thing any bass lover will tell you is how difficult the quest for perfect headphones can be. Creating ideal sound quality requires the best materials and meticulous attention to detail during the design process. The following headphones meet or exceed our lofty expectations when it comes to impactful bass at an affordable price.

Which qualities make headphones conducive to bass?

There are two main attributes that make headphones prime for tracks with tons of bass. Great headphones will have a quick frequency response as well as cups that prevent auditory masking.

Frequency response time

Determining the frequency response of a piece of tech is a great way to see a visual representation of how well the device handles sound. The frequency response is checked by comparing a known sound source with the pair of headphones in question. If the headset provides a low-frequency response range, then you know it is capable of producing impressive audio quality on par or better than the original source.

Auditory masking

Auditory masking is the process by which our ears choose what is most important to hear at any given moment. A busy environment can have many sounds all vying for your attention. Your ears will filter out only the most important sounds as a survival mechanism. While this is excellent during life and death scenarios, it can be quite annoying throughout everyday life.

To prevent auditory masking, your headphones should have tight cups that completely seal around your ears. Creating a tight seal is the only way to ensure your ears start focusing on the outside world. Look for noise-canceling headphones so you can hear that bass as cleanly as possible.

List of the best headphones for booming bass

Here is a breakdown of the best headphones for bass that you can buy today. Each of the following options provides a great value that you won’t be disappointed by.

Sony WH-XB900N

Sony is known for producing electronics with a high degree of quality at a premium. While the WH-XB900N commands a high price, it more than makes up for it with the impressive frequency response range and incredible audio clarity. The frequency response range shortens even more when you employ a 3.5mm jack. If you have a wire long enough, a corded connection is the best way to experience this headset.

Bluetooth users need not worry as the headphones still sound great in wireless mode. You can easily control audio playback with the handy touch sensors located on each cup. The noise cancellation blocks out unwanted distractions and the quick attention mode allows you to quickly focus on your environment when necessary.

The Good

  • Incredible low-frequency response range
  • Impressive bass-enhancing technology
  • Easy to master touch controls

The Bad

  • The headset isn’t comfortable enough for all-day sessions

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Bass heads who want something a bit more comfy should check out the Crusher Wireless headphones from Skullcandy. This studio headset uses innovative bass sensor technology to adjust audio levels on the fly. As the headset picks up audio in your environment, it adjusts the mix to ensure your song doesn’t get interrupted. The cups are quite soft and don’t press up against your ears. This makes it easy to listen all day and forget they are even on your head.

To make daylong sessions even easier, the battery life can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. If you love to blast your music loudly, expect to get closer to 30 hours before needing more juice. This headset favors bass so heavily that audiophiles would actually consider the Crusher Wireless a bit unbalanced. However, this makes them the perfect choice for listeners who only care about the best bass possible.

The Good

  • Very long battery life and impressive charge speeds
  • Adjustable bass sensors that allow you to customize your experience
  • Smart noise cancellation features

The Bad

  • Flimsy build quality for an item in this price range

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

If you desire a more balanced audio mix, the DT 990 Pro is a great headset to consider. Beyerdynamic delivers a solid array of features for a modest price point. You get bass boosting drivers that add impact without messing with the rest of the track. This allows the headset to achieve audio that matches the creator’s intent despite the subpar frequency response time. The actual performance is far better than the specs on paper would suggest.

The earpads have a plush lining that is extremely comfortable during long sessions. The lining also does a good job of creating enough suction to keep auditory masking to a minimum. The result is a headset that functions as a jack of all trades that is good enough in every area that counts.

The Good

  • Balanced bass boosting that won’t overpower the other elements of a song
  • Immaculate build quality and comfortable ear cups
  • Excels in almost any situation

The Bad

  • Produces the least powerful bass on this list

Audio Technica ATH-WS100iS

If you want a headset that will push your bass-heavy songs to their limits, then the ATH-WS100iS from Audio Technica will be more your speed. It is by far the loudest headset on this list so it is worth noting that listening at max volume for extended periods may damage your hearing down the line. However, it is truly a treat to crank it up in short bursts to see what these bad boys can really do. There are special bass air vents that help keep the audio crisp as you raise the volume to its peak. This allows you to blast your favorite tunes much louder than you’re probably used to without distorting the sound.

These headphones are also a great choice if you tend to break your electronics easily. It sports an aluminum centerpiece that holds the frame together. Compared to the cheap plastic that plagues the market, this is an extremely welcome addition. The aluminum also doubles as a stabilizer ring. This ring enhances audio by mitigating how much the headset vibrates during playback.

The Good

  • Some of the finest build quality on the market
  • Bass venting system for clear listening at high volumes
  • Stabilizer ring that improves audio through reduced vibrations

The Bad

  • Wired connections result in reduced audio quality

Anker SoundCore Life Q20

If you want a pair of budget headphones that don’t skimp on bass, then the Q20 from Anker will surely impress. The main claim to fame of this headset is the outstanding ambient noise cancellation. In the right conditions, the earpads can reduce 90% of the external noise attempting to distract you. The BassUp drivers adjust audio levels on the fly to accommodate a variety of genres where bass takes center stage.

The battery lasts for a whopping 40 hours on a single charge. This is excellent for traveling or any other scenario where finding a charging port is difficult. The headband is decent enough but will become uncomfortable after a few hours. Taking breaks or using them in short bursts will help alleviate any pressure that builds up after prolonged use.

The Good

  • Excellent ambient noise cancellation for the price point
  • Smart BassUp drivers that optimize settings on the fly for each new song you play
  • Insanely long battery life

The Bad

  • Headband becomes tight and uncomfortable during long sessions

And The Winner Is…

While each of the above headphones is excellent for bass lovers, the Audio Technica ATH-WS100iS has quickly pulled ahead of the pack. It features incredible audio quality and is very durable. It is a worthy purchase that will last for many years if it is taken care of properly. The only downside is the weak wired connection, but an overwhelming majority will only ever use their headphones wirelessly. Fans of a traditional 3.55mm connection should go for the Sony WH-XB900N instead since it actually performs better when plugged in than when using Bluetooth.

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